Feel Groovy Soul Readings

It’s not a coaching session. It is an experience.

Feel Groovy Soul Readings

What is a Soul Reading?  

Your soul is melded with your Higher Power, God, Infinite  Love, Infinite Intelligence, the All-Powerful Creator. Your soul  or spirit is a mirror image of the Divine. It is actually where  Source resides within you, your connection. Your body is en meshed with your soul.  

Think of your body as the car, and your soul is the driver. In  time/space reality both are needed to move forward. If you  do not properly fuel the body both suffer and vice versa. A  starving soul will eventually lead to a malnourished body.  

Your soul has access to the inspiration from Spirit within.  Your soul knows its purpose and its destiny. You, however, may  be off track. You forgot who you are, why you are here and  how to get where you are going.  

A soul reading inspires the soul to move in the right direction.  It includes some healing, prophecy and guidance. A soul read ing helps you to connect with your higher self and see the map  to the life you are meant to live, filled with joy and abundance. 

How does it work with me?  

I am different than a regular psychic. The more I talk to you,  the more I know about what is happening in your soul, how you  are feeling, how the people in your life affect you and how  they are affected by you. I can help with what is happening  now in your life, possibly get a feel for the past and help you  move forward.  

What will you gain by a Feel Groovy Soul Session?

  • Clarity surrounding your current life circumstances
  • Deeper understanding of your relationships, how they have held you back and which ones are helping you progress
  • A keen sense for what beliefs, thoughts and actions that  are block you from your best life
  • A better idea of your purpose and how to align to that purpose
  • Help with the following
    • Tough Conversations
    • How to deal with toxic or unhealthy relationships
    • Getting back into the dating arena
    • Coping with stress, breakups, job loss
    • Identifying areas in your life that are causing you dis-ease
    • Owning your gifts and power for your benefit and the well being of the people in your life in order to be aligned with your dreams and heart’s desires
    • and much more! 

Choose a 60 or 90 minute session to get your Soul Feeling Groovy today!  

60 Minutes $327  

90 Minutes $477  

*Bonus: If you choose to invest in Steph’s Twelve Hours to Feel Groovy: Up Close and Personal 1:1 Coaching Package within sixty (60) days of your individual session, I will reduce the package by the amount of your individual session. 

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