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Five day 5 night exclusive Feel Groovy retreat in Terrasini, Sicily

I am thrilled to announce that I am offering a once in a lifetime opportunity for you! I am hosting an intimate, exclusive, by application and interview only, 5 night, 6 day Feel Groovy Retreat in Terrasini, Sicily. Yes, that’s right! You read it correctly, Sicily. There are only 5 spots available!

This is going to be an amazing chance to learn the Sicilian way to live. You will come to understand why the people of the Mediterranean region enjoy a low stress lifestyle that can boast low heart disease rates. Melded with my Feel Groovy talks, tips and activities, you will fly away with a new outlook on life.  You deserve to treat yourself!

Two weeks Offered 

Escape 1: June (Dates TBD)

Escape 2: September (Dates TBD)

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Here Are The Groovy Details

This is a five day 5 night exclusive Feel Groovy retreat in Terrasini, Sicily. Sicily is the island off the bottom of the boot of Italy.  It is part of the country of Italy.  Participants are responsible for flights to and from Palermo, Sicily. When I receive all of the flight information, I will work out transportation for you from the Palermo airport to your weekend home. You may have to wait a few minutes as the other guests arrive to make the most out of the shuttle.

The retreat will begin with a welcome lunch and end after a traditional Sicilian Sunday dinner (3 night optional add on)

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Plan on these feel groovy activities:


  • 2 Feel Groovy Talks per day
  • Daily Yoga and/or exercise
  • A Cooking Class
  • Tour of either a winery, olive oil or other facility
  • An afternoon at the beach
  • Daily Siesta/Rest



3 optional tour days


Groovy Perks:

  • Transportation to and from Palermo Airport
  • All Meals
  • Tours
  • Cooking Lesson
  • Daily Yoga/Exercise
  • All Feel Groovy Talks
  • Retreat Materials
  • 1 hour 1:1 Consultation with me ($495 value)
  • 1 Hour Post -Retreat 1:1 Consultation via Zoom ($495 value)
  • Free Download of my e-book, The Only Way is Up: Just Steph’s™ Perspective on Life
  • 10% discount on all Just Steph™ services and products one year post retreat

And some surprises!

Your Investment in yourself:

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for you to learn how to feel groovy like a Sicilian. You will come to understand why heart disease in these Mediterranean countries are so low.  We will be adopting the schedule that Sicilians live by including diet, sleep, exercise, community, conversation, and, of course, wine. I will be melding this lifestyle with my Feel Groovy talks, concepts and personal consultations to help you adopt a Feel Groovy way to be when you leave Sicily.

Escape 1: June (Dates TBD)

Escape 2: September (Dates TBD)

We will be living in an updated 4 bedroom, 2 bath villa just a short walk to the Mediterranean Sea in part of a lovely town on the outskirts of Palermo, the capitol of Sicily.

$2500 for a shared room (4 spots available)

$3200 for a single room (1 spot available)

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