Second Lifer Exclusive
Transform Your Life and Create a Legacy

Transform Your Life…Make A Difference

  • You sacrificed for everyone else
  • You are done with diapers, ballet & ballgames
  • You are no longer worried about the mortgage or car
  • You stayed single to climb to the top
  • You stayed in a career for the status quo
  • You left your marriage for your career
  • You stayed in the marriage for the kids
  • You attended your spouse’s conferences & events as his arm
    candy to support them
  • You are the perfect execs wife
  • You “drunch” (cocktails + lunch = “DRUNCH”) regularly with
  • You researched the latest designers to contribute to the carpool coffee club chat
  • You sent your nanny to volunteer at school so you can make your tennis match

You look around and wonder WTH have I done for me? 
The years are flying by. Where has time gone?

You are thinking: “Was it worth it?”

You knew back then it was all about getting through it.
Once the galas were over, the end of school events passed, the ski trips ended…

  • Turning a blind eye to your cheating spouse could no longer
  • The picket fence is coming down
  • Remaining in a loveless marriage is not an option
  • Drunching only fills the time
  • Conversations offer no consolation
  • Shopping is a fleeting escape
  • You have everything you want…

Except what YOU want

Life has become very, very quiet…

And the noise in your head gets louder, and Louder and LOUDER!!!!

The Years Are Flying By… 

This can no longer continue. 

What others say:

Thank you Steph for an enlightening one on one yesterday! I’m feeling lighter already! I’ve always had difficulty letting go but it’s time to RELEASE and take care of myself mentally, physically and spiritually so that I can be a better version of myself. I look forward to our future endeavors and working with you!

Lisa Piro Bowler

There has to be more…NOT more stuff! 

More joy
More Peace
More laughter
More substance
More love

What have you done for You lately?

What have you accomplished besides sending 3 kids off and burying 2 family dogs?

  • A career that offers no sense of purpose?
  • Weekends “Drunching” at the country club…ALONE?

Does this sound like you? Is this where you are?

What is your legacy? Your imprint on your world? A druncher who recognizes Jimmy Choo?
Will you ever feel fulfilled?

Join Now Do Not Waste Anymore Time

I understand you, really!

  • You love the finer things in life, AND you know there is more to it.
  • You want comfort, luxury AND depth.
  • You love high-end living, YET you crave a connection to
    something higher.
  • You are ready to pamper yourself AND your soul.

You want it all…

  • A meaningful life
  • A legacy that makes a difference
  • Relationships that make you tingle
  • Experiences that feed your body, mind AND spirit
  • A sense of Purpose
  • Supportive, like-minded friends
  • To expand your mind
  • To evolve as a person

All without relinquishing your lifestyle, comfort & luxury.

You can have it all! And have fun!


  • Risk losing more years to complacency
  • Attract more of the same in your love relationships
  • Remain in a shallow existence, constantly dummying down
  • Never realizing your true potential
  • Leave this world without having created a legacy
  • Your kids and grandchildren may not deeply respect you
  • Stay in a job that does not feed your soul

Everybody has two lives. The second one begins when you realize you only have ONE! You are a “Second Lifer!”

This membership is for NOT you if you are:

  • Are not ready to enjoy your life.
  • Completely satisfied with every aspect of your life.
  • Apathetic about most everything.
  • Do not want to commit to the small amount of time it takes to enjoy your life.
  • You enjoy worrying, boredom, chaos, being mistreated, toxic people, etc.
  • You are addicted to suffering.
  • You are not ready to be happy.

I am a “Second Lifer!” I was where you are, a lonely exec’s wife living “The American Nightmare:”

Having it all and having nothing. I love all the finer things. AND…I walk the walk. I live my life exactly as I guide my clients.

The best part is, your new BFF, moi, is a soul reader and healer.

Join Now Before You Miss All The Fun

Check me out:

I am an intuitive soul guide and healer, influencer, talk show host, international speaker, and published author. I help sassy, classy “Second Lifers” reclaim the life they chose before they came into their physical bodies by way of my spiritual and natural gifts of healing, soul readings and encouragement.

How to work with your new BFF:

Second Lifers Exclusive Membership Community (that’s where you are now)

1:1 Soul Journey Coaching (for the peeps who want even more TLC)

Soul Journey Retreats in Sicily or High-End Spas (for those of you who want quick results in an exotic environment).

Second Lifers Exclusive is a SEXY, FUN Community that serves High-End Women (and Men!) who know how to live, and who want to really start living.

You can expect:

  • Classes and workshops designed to expand your mind, move your heart and lift your spirit.
  • Weekly motivation
  • Opportunities to hang with me in person and virtually
  • Experiences like spa days, a day at the beach, bubbles & brunch, dinners at my home
  • Virtual Happy Hours
  • First chance at my retreats and 1:1 opps

Here’s what’s in the Gucci:

  • Weekly motivational texts
  • Weekly emails
  • Weekly Energy Oracle Card Pull
  • Monthly Detox Lesson: What to toss and how!
  • Monthly Lesson from the Yoga Mat
  • Monthly Virtual Happy Hour
  • Private FB Group for you to vent, offer advice, ask questions
    & be supported
  • Monthly in-person events

*If you do not live in Boston, get 10 friends in your “hood” to join, and I will come to you!

AND…For those of you who like to Fly Delta One (You know who you are):

  • Initial 60 minute or so 1:1 with moi
  • One time career or life assessment
  • Monthly 15 minute FaceTime with moi
  • Text me, I am your girl!
  • Quarterly VIP In-person or Virtual Get Together

Here’s the investment:

A few hours a month…


The Gucci Wallet: $97/month

The Gucci Bag: $547/year

The Delta One: $1997/year

Annual members get a signed copy of my latest book.

This is your tribe. These are your peeps. Your life is about to level up…

Luxury, meet Legacy! Legacy, meet Luxury!

PS…For all you men out there who are in the same boat… you are welcome here! Get your buddies to come hang with us to transform and leave a legacy!

Join now to begin your transformation