You have hit an age and you have come to realize one or more of the following situations:

  • You have allowed more than one toxic person in your world. They are controlling your happiness. You are on their emotional roller coaster and want to stop the ride. JS Members Only is where you will learn your worth. I will teach you how to find your sense of purpose, how to recognize your value and how to deal with people who suck the life out of you. You will have ongoing support from me and other members who are in similar situations.
  • You know you have more to give to the world. You want a purpose driven life and career. Your current job is boring and not the best use of your talents, but you need the money. Understanding how you fit in the universal puzzle is a foundational lesson in our community. You will be given the tools to look within and discover what you really love to do. Together with me, you will know how to monetize your talents whether it is in your current position, starting a side hustle or leaving your place of employment to embark on something totally new.
  • You are facing a divorce or breakup. You are unclear how to start new. You are lonely. You want to find your soulmate. Your relationship(s) have not worked out. Maybe you are on a hamster wheel…With me, I will show you a new way of thinking. This is your fresh start. You will go from gloomy to standing on your own, head high, ready to attract your match because I will teach you how to release the past, change your beliefs that no longer serve you to make space for the right person. 
  • You have joined a gym and started reading posts on Facebook or on-line about self-care. There is so much information out there! You are confused about what to do first. I will be there to clear up misconceptions, help you to decide what is right for you personally and get you on track to enjoy everyday!
  • Your life is complicated. You have so much going on. You are exhausted at the end of the day with barely the energy to get in the shower. You just want easy. You think when the kids get older, life will be easier. When I get a raise, I will be happier. When I lose 10 lbs, I will feel better. I will start Monday. WHAT! Today is Tuesday. You are going to waste 6 days not enjoying your life? How many Mondays, events, New Years have passed and you feel even worse? During our time together, I will show you ways to change your mindset. I have tips for every day living. I will bring you from chaos to order, help you release worries and angst so you can live today freer, easier, happier. 

If any of these scenarios, or one similar, are part of your story, you need not waste one more day. 

You have heard it over and over: tomorrow may never come. A bigger fear is: Tomorrow arrives and you are still the not right. Your life is the same. Something is off. You are bored out of your mind. You are exhausted, fed up, confused, waiting…This is worse, much worse! 

Do you know you are meant to be laughing and enjoying every moment? Life is meant to be easy. Love is easy. We make it difficult. 

We forgot to live like children who love to splash in the mud, dance no matter who is watching and laugh until it hurts. We lost our sense of curiosity. Children are afraid of the dark. We are afraid of the light. 

I am going to take you on a beautiful journey to rediscover yourself, your soul and your heart. It is time to smell the roses. It is time to come back with me to go forward. We are going to go back to old school values and meld them with modern thought and technology because everything is yours to help you create a life you never imagined. 

Look! You know things did not turn out the way you thought. Life isn’t perfect, you will say. 

But isn’t it? 

If this is a perfect life, then why so much suffering, dissatisfaction, anger, loneliness, boredom, apathy?

I will tell you why…you are walking on a path that you did not pave. Somebody else has been steering your ship. The choices you are making are not aligned to your best self.

You may even have a life that looks perfect from the outside looking in. Your friends tell you how lucky you are. But inside, you feel turmoil, something is not right.


This membership is for you if you are:

  • In transition: Life, Relationships, Career
  • Bored and know there is more to enjoy
  • Engaging in unhealthy or toxic relationships
  • Dummying down regularly
  • Desiring an easier life with less stress and worries
  • Practicing some form of self-care and want more
  • Seeking clarity on the ideal path to contentment
  • Curious about who the best version of yourself is, what it looks like and how to get there
  • Looking for someone to offer direction on personal growth and development. You are not sure what is best for you.
  • Wanting support from like minded connections
  • Interested in getting help with all this except 1:1 coaching is expensive and therapy in NOT appealing
  • Ready to level up!

This membership is for NOT you if you are:

  • Are not ready to enjoy your life.
  • Completely satisfied with every aspect of your life.
  • Lazy, braindead and/or shallow.
  • Apathetic about most everything.
  • Do not want to commit to the small amount of time it takes to enjoy your life.
  • You enjoy worrying, boredom, chaos, being mistreated, toxic people, etc.
  • You are addicted to suffering.
  • You are not ready to be happy.

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If you can identify with any of the above statements


You will accept nothing less than






The thought of a community of people whose goals for living their best life are similar to yours feels comforting


Your new adopted family is being guided and taught by someone who truly cares about you, your life and your happiness


You know you are worth more than the cost of three cups of coffee each month


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Come back with me to go forward!

Welcome Home!

JS Members Only is your home to:





We are your family who wants the very best for you right now!

I am Steph Palermo, intuitive coach and healer, author and international speaker who wants to work with you. I am bringing you all the wisdom of my life experiences, gifts of empathy, healing, understanding and channeling to guide you on your personal journey toward a fun, satisfying life.

Here are some differences between me, my membership and other coaching programs:

  • I am anything but conventional
  • I am old school and forward thinking
  • I am organized and flexible
  • I am matter of fact, say it as it is and very sensitive to you and your situation
  • I follow a plan and will go off track to help you get back on pace
  • I will support you and surprise you. 
  • I always over-deliver.
  • I really do love and care about you!

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Here’s What I am offering you:

Members Only Pricing October 2021

And so much more!

Stop putting off taking care of you until after the New Year, Monday, your birthday, whatever. Stop making excuses to start your personal growth journey today. It is time to escape the cocoon and be the beautiful butterfly today!

I really am so excited about this! I want to work with you! Don’t miss this chance to hear what the universe has in store for you! 

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