STOP! Your LIfe Is Passing You By, Day by Day!

Embrace life and live it to the fullest


STOP! Your LIfe Is Passing You By, Day by Day!

Right now! Stop; close your eyes and take a deep breath. Think back, way back. No farther back. Think back to your childhood days.  Put yourself in your dirty sneakers, cut off shorts and a wrinkled t-shirt with Kool-Aid stains.  You are surrounded by your best friends, your cousins, or siblings.  You have your arms around each other walking down your street laughing so hard it hurts.  You don’t have a worry in the world.  No responsibilities except to live and breathe…

Do You Remember a Time When…

  • You laughed until your belly hurt and soda came out of your nose; then you laughed even harder?
  • You did not worry about your clothes matching or if they were in style?
  • Your friends were truly friends? They were loyal, and just wanted to play with you.
  • You did not want to go to sleep because you might miss something, and you jumped out of the bed to seize the day? Every day was a new adventure!
  • The people surrounding you applauded and cheered every time you made a new move?
  • You danced like Elaine from Seinfeld and sang at the top of your lungs, to your hearts content and did not care if you were off beat or who could see or hear you?
  • You put your head down on the pillow, and you slept soundly dreaming of ice cream and M&M’s?
  • You were in awe of sunsets, the moon, the tide? Hell, rocks were amazing!

You were happy and You Felt Groovy every day?


Now Shift Your Thoughts on Where You are Today:

What does a typical day look like for you?

You hate going to sleep at night because the morning will come too soon and that dreaded “to do” list will continue to haunt you. Your day feels like a never slowing treadmill as you drop kick the kids onto the school bus, greet your PMS boss, swallow your lunch whole, field calls from unhappy clients and coworkers, and drop your phone in the toilet while trying to catch a few z’s in the bathroom…

Maybe you are seeking independence in your life. You are in relationships that do not serve you, but you struggle with the idea of going it alone, being self-sufficient. You just can’t seem to reach far enough to grab the knife your so-called bestie twisted into your back, and your family laughs when you tell them your life sucks…

You are tired of watching your days turn into years and all you have to show are dark circles, frown lines, stretch marks and a heart that longs for so much more.

Hey Bored With Your Life, Do You Feel…

  • Like you have lost control of your life? You are living somebody else’s life, or playing by everyone else’s rules? Is somebody, other than you, steering your ship?
  • You want to jump overboard and escape your day-to-day life?
  • Complacent, like you are settling for less and your life feels meaningless?
  • Overwhelmed with so many unnecessary tasks that serve everyone else but you?
  • Worried? About the future? How can you keep this current pace without exploding or imploding?  About what other’s think of you and their opinions?
  • You have NBA monogrammed on your throw pillows: Negative Bored Apathetic
  • Held back by the fear of change or “rocking the boat.” You struggle with tough conversations, having a backbone, and expressing your needs.
  • Your eyes are burning from binge watching Netflix instead or socializing with friends? Do you have friends?


There is so much more for you! You want a purpose driven life that is fun where you Feel Groovy! Life is not a spectator sport. It is meant to be lived and enjoyed. You are the owner, coach, player, referee and cheerleader! It is time to stop watching and start playing your own game!


I can show you how because I am you! I have walked the walk.

I know what it is like to feel as though there is more to life than monotony…

  • You often think about making positive changes in your life but do not know the next step to take.
  • You are boring your friends, significant other, dog with the same stories about how your life sucks.
  • You are stuck in the past (the good old days!) and/or worried about the future (what if?).
  • Your job is a yawner, in fact your whole life is boring, including your boyfriend/girlfriend.
  • You are still pissed at your high school BFF for stealing your prom date. Forgiveness is not even in your vocabulary.
  • Your boyfriend is 35 and still lives with his parents In fact, you still live with your parents, or want to!
  • Your tribe is still dragging you out every night to do tequila shots and you cannot figure out why you cannot get that promotion, lose the weight and find a decent date who wants to take you somewhere other than Taco Bell.
  • The conversations you have with your friends go no deeper than the latest Facebook posts, yet, you long for depth and meaning.
  • You want to use your gifts and talents, live your purpose every day.
  • You want to be balanced in all areas of your life.
  • You want meaningful relationships built on authenticity and filled with reciprocity.
  • You desire a purpose driven life where you feel groovy every day!

Is this where you are? Does this feel like a mountain to steep to climb?

What would your life look like if you designed it?

You truly enjoy your life. You know excites you, and you are living it. You are free from the shackles of monotony, boredom and “have to’s.” Conversations have meaning, and you are energized by the value you have uncovered in you relationships. You face life with confidence, security and contentment. Your days are prioritized according to YOUR meaning and purpose. You finally have time to care for your needs.  There is so much to enjoy and you are not going to let all your deepest desires pass you by.  You can live the life you want; the life you chose before entering this world.  You are amazing, and you know it!

What is on the other side of the mountain?

  • Imagine waking up every day where your first thought is “this is going to be an amazing day!”
  • Imagine finally knowing why you are here and living it because you love it!
  • Imagine experiencing freedom from the “have to’s” and actually doing what you want to do.
  • Imagine attracting uplifting and positive relationships, building a tribe in line with your vibe!
  • Imagine the new and exciting opportunities you will face with courage and joy
  • Imagine a positive mindset where the glass is not half-full; it is overflowing!
  • Imagine knowing how to handle difficult conversations and situations.
  • Imagine being independent, self-sufficient and never feeling lonely.
  • Imagine Feeling Groovy!

Can you image a world where everyone is Feeling Groovy? I can!

Here is the cold, hard truth: This Life Can Be Yours!

  • It is possible to live your own life filled with peace, laughter and love. I am talking about an enlightened life where you are finally secure in your own skin, aligned with your purpose and connected to the world around you. Isn’t that what we all want? We want to feel connected, part of a bigger picture, an irreplaceable piece of the puzzle. We all want to feel important.
  • People always said, “you’ve gotta love yourself before you can love anyone else.” What does that even mean? You will be living self-love. What took me almost 50 years to embrace will be yours in twelve hours. Loving yourself comes from owning your place in the universe. This is your universal real estate, YOURS!
  • When you finally recognize what the rest of us see in you, when you own the property that was always yours, when you truly, unconditionally love yourself, everything else falls into place like dominoes.
  • Expect deep meaningful relationships with friends and family.
  • Know you will attract the right partner.
  • You job will not be a job. It will be your contribution to the universe doing what you love.
    Just Steph is a truly inspiring, positive and motivating force.  She utilizes her own life’s experiences to shine a light on what keeps individuals from being their true selves, facing their fears and being their best.   Her seminars are funny and enlightening at the same time and her message is powerful and uplifting and highly recommended.” —Andrea B. McGrath, CFP®, CDFA® Certified Divorce Financial Analyst

You are ready to take control of your own ship,put on your big girl/big boy undies and live the life that was meant for you.  You don’t know how to get started. You have lots of questions, maybe even doubts.

  • How will changes in my life affect the people I love? Will they be upset with me?
  • I am scared of the unknown. What will my life look like if I actually love it?
  • It seems impossible to change my thinking. Do I have time to even stop and try?
  • What if I try to change and nothing changes?

It seems like I am asking a lot of you.  I am asking you to trust me, Steph Palermo with your heart and your life. Do I have this right?

I believe I do. I chose this life before I came into time/space. This is my job! The journey I have made; my own physical pain, heartache, emotional distress and finally self-love and acceptance has a purpose. You are the reason. I chose this life so I can help you. There is no need for you to be bored, unhappy and dissatisfied for one more day. “If you believe in magic, come along with me.” The Loving Spoonful

I have made this easy and manageable for you! I have done all the legwork. I tap into my personal experiences including living with Poland Syndrome, a Rare Disorder, to demonstrate the life the universe offers you, that is yours for the taking, the one we are waiting for you to embrace.

There are no “to do” lists or New Year’s Resolutions to toss out the window. It is simple and requires the DPP Method, Desire, Pursuit & Perseverance: Merely change your thoughts and you can shift your life.


You have to want this for yourself and the people you love. You’ve got this!

Twelve Hours to Feel Groovy will teach you how to change your thinking and perspective. This course addresses issues at the core of your existence. You will gain the tools you need to create the life you want, the peace you desire and the joy you deserve.

Your Life

Before Twelve Hours To Feel Groovy

  • Boring
  • Mundane
  • Monotonous
  • Unsatisfying
  • Fueled by Fear
  • Based on False Beliefs
  • Obligated
  • Turbulent
  • Complacent
  • Feeling Grumpy

Your Life

After Twelve Hours To Feel Groovy

  • Fun and Exciting
  • Fulfilling
  • Powered by Love
  • Built on reality
  • Empowered
  • Peaceful
  • Content
  • Feeling Groovy

Feeling Groovy is Easy!

It takes more energy to be unhappy than to be happy.  The daily stresses take a toll on your health both emotionally and physically.  I am going to show you how to shift your thinking and perception so that you can start enjoying as much of your waking moments as possible by addressing the following areas:

  • Existential topics like why are you here; what is your purpose
  • Belief Systems
  • Culture
  • Victim Mentality: Forgiveness, fear & low self-worth
  • How to move from where you are to where you want to go
  • Balancing The Four Aspects of the Human Person
  • Self-Care
  • Identifying & Coping with Change
  • Yes, you did have a choice!
  • Roadblocks to Healing
  • Where to get started
  • Plan of Action
  • And More!

“This is one incredible woman – smart, funny and inspiring. Her amazing talent of humor and her unique way with words will lift you over your obstacles. Steph is a beautiful person inside and out. You will be better for having worked with her or heard her speak.”

Debbie Brown, Executive Coach D & B Consulting

Twelve Hours to Feel Groovy

I have developed a twelve hour group, on-line course to catapult you to the best version of you, feeling groovy every day.

Over twelve weeks, you will have the opportunity to delve into topics that are at the core of your existence, like knowing your place in the universe, belief systems, forgiveness, self-care and healing, to name a few.  You will participate in group discussions and have opportunities for individual consults with Steph.


Her’s What You Can Expect

Week 1: Mirror, Mirror

  • Introduction

◦       Know Your Why

◦       Goals of the Course

◦       Life is More Fun Than You Realize

  • The DPP Formula
  • Your Origin, The Power and Origin of Freedom of Choice and Free Will

◦       Difference between humans & animals

  • How to Make Choices That Are Best for You
  • Discussion-Legacy What do I want to leave behind?

Week 2: How the Hell Did We Get Here?

  • Your place in the universe, impact on the cosmos and aligning
  • Don’t Upset the Balance by Not Participating/You are an Integral Piece of the Puzzle
  • Life is NOT a Spectator Sport
  • How Life Was for You as a Baby
  • How Did You Get Unbalanced?
  • Defining Yourself
  • Upbringing/Culture/Society
  • Beliefs & Belief Systems
  • Measuring Success

Week 3: The Victim

  • What is a victim/victim mentality?
  • Area where we are victims
  • The Blame Game-Steph’s
  • story
  • Forgiveness
  • Fear
  • Low self-worth/Low self-esteem

Week 4: GMTFOH (Get Me the F*@k Out of Here)!

  • Change Your Thoughts
  • Know their Power
  • Change Your Words
  • Know their Power
  • You may have to change your beliefs
  • The Law of Attraction
  • Knowing Your Amazingness and Purpose Will Change Everything
  • You ARE IRREPLACEABLE regardless of what Beyonce says!


Week 5: The Four Aspects

  • The Four Aspects of the Human Person
  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Spiritual
  • Intellectual

Week 6: Put on Your Own Oxygen Mask First

  • What is the definition of selfish?

◦       The difference between selfish and self-less

  • What is self-care?
  • How do I know what to choose?

◦       Know Yourself

◦       What feels good in your core?

◦       What if both choices are good?

  • What is my responsibility to others?

Week 7: Seasons Change: Coping with Life

  • Change

◦       Identifying Change

Week 8: We Are All Cracked Eggs

  • Who’s Your Mickey? (Steph’s Rocky Story)
  • You Can’t Choose Your Family (But, You Did!)
  • You Can Choose Your Friends

◦       Show me your friends; I’ll tell you what you are (Steph’s mom’s)

  • The People You Can’t Ditch, or Shouldn’t, or might have to
  • Everyone else

Week 9: Getting Healthy

  • The Other Side of the Mountain: Why Bother?
  • Roadblocks to Healing
  • Where Do I Begin?
  • We Already Know What to Do!

Week 10: Staying Healthy

  • Falling Off the Wagon

◦       How to Feel Gratitude

  • Picking Yourself Up: You Can Do It!
  • Coat Your Skin with Teflon

◦       How?

  • Positive Affirmations

Week 11: Action!

  • Time to Stop Boo-hooing and Make a Plan

◦       If I can do it, so can you!

  • Creating a Plan of Action: Doing the Next Right Thing

Week 12: So, Whats Next?

  • You Still Do Not Know What You Want
  • You Areas That Are Holding You Back
  • You Still Know What You Want, But You Do Not Know How to Achieve It
  • You Have What You Want, But There Are Areas That Need Attention

This course is for you IF…

  • You have one (1) or more areas in your life that are less than pleasant
  • You are ready to live your best life going forward
  • You are contemplating a divorce of any kind (spouse, S.O., Boss, Backstabbing G.F., etc.)
  • You know there is more for you than just a boring, mundane existence
  • You want to be more available for your family, significant other, friends and work
  • You are not tapping into your gifts, what you truly love to do at home or work
  • You need clarity on what to do next
  • You have a good life, and know it can be great, but not sure how
  • You know you have a purpose. You are not sure what it is or how to live it.
  • You are just sick and tired of all the drama, shallow, negative B.S. surrounding your world


 I was pleasantly surprised when I attended her Ruby Slippers workshop recently. The topics promoting my best life” were right on point and a reminder to me that achieving my best life is beneficial to those that I love. Allow yourself to attend one of Steph’s seminars so that you can allow yourself to be pampered.”  Anne 

This course is not for you if…

  • You are set in your ways and are closed to forward thinking
  • You do not want to face your current reality
  • You are not interested in becoming the best version of you
  • Your life is amazing as it is, and great for you!
  • You are not interested in putting in short term effort for a lifetime of bliss

After completing Twelve Hours to Feel Groovy, you can expect…

  • To Learn the DPP Formulas for true contentment
  • To Learn how Freedom of Choice is a source of empowerment
  • To Understand where in life they have become a victim
  • To Know how to identify areas in their lives that need addressing, both positive and negative
  • To Realize how thoughts and perspectives shape their lives and how to make adjustments to positively change outcomes
  • To Recognize how beliefs, people and experiences fog our minds and how to clear the way for an amazing new life
  • To See the actions necessary to heal their lives and how to identify what the next steps may be.
  • To Realize Their Power Potential
  • To realize the importance of self-care in your life and how it effects the people in your world
  • To Feel Groovy! And much more…


You’ve Got a Couple of Choices

  1. Do exactly what you have always done, nothing, and accept a humdrum life. You will live out the rest of your days not having truly lived, hoping someone will throw you a bone every once in a
  2. Start living today! It is time for you to start enjoying life. By putting in a short amount of time and a little effort, your life can be nothing short of amazing!


What You Get:

  • All materials emailed Prior to the Course which will include the schedule, handouts and reflections to do on your own.
  • Weekly On-line Class, 1 hour/week for 12 weeks.
  • Lifetime access to the classes available shortly after each class.
  • Opportunity to ask questions and discuss important topics during each class.
  • Access to the Feel Groovy Tribe Private Facebook Page.
  • Opportunities to upgrade to the VIP experience where you can contact me M-F 8am-4pm via Voxer to address questions, concerns and personal issues.
  • Options for ongoing support and coaching.


Your Investment in Yourself:

Paid in Full: $1200

3 Payments of $498.33: $1495

VIP Upgrade: $1895 Includes weekly access to me via Voxer for the duration of the course ($2000 Value) ;

2  1 hour 1:1 calls ($990 Value)

A New Outlook on Life: Priceless!

You Will Also Receive These Bonuses Just FOR Signing Up

Bonus #1

A Free Download  of my book, “The Only Way is Up: Just Steph’s Perspective on Life”


Bonus #2

1 Week of VIP Access to me via voxer ($200 value)


Bonus #3

1 FREE 60 Minute ($495 value) one-on-one coaching session after completing the course.


Invest In Yourself!

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You can enjoy the VIP Upgrade at no additional cost!

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Steph Palermo

Steph Palermo was born into an American-Sicilian family just outside Boston, Massachusetts. There were no ultrasounds in 1966. Along with the dysfunctions of her family, Steph entered this world with a rare disorder, Poland Syndrome. Fingers were missing from her right hand which was part of a much shorter arm. Another PS trait is the absence of the affected side’s pectoral muscle.

All around, life was going to be a bit more difficult for Steph Palermo. Her home was equally filled with laughter and tears. Steph witnessed abuse, a gambling addiction and violence. The dinner table was a sanctuary. All the family events revolved around eating meals most Americans experienced only in restaurants. At a very young age, Steph began to use food to find the “happy place.”

Meanwhile, outside the home, Steph faced the world. She was unable to play instruments, most sports and was slower at completing ordinary tasks. She was ostracized, mocked and left out. Steph had numerous surgeries to help her gain better use of her right hand. When the physical pain of bone and skin grafts wore off, the emotional effects lingered. She sometimes felt like a side show freak.

Steph, a naturally extroverted people lover, began to hide. She used food to find comfort. By second grade, Steph packed on the pounds. She hid her hand, and now she had a weight problem. This continued through adolescence, and her self-esteem was rock bottom. Fast forward through a rough marriage and birthing four boys, Steph decided to take charge of her body. She hired a nutritionist and started boxing. She dropped one hundred pounds from the birth of her last son. This was the easy part. Steph had to battle her lack of self-confidence and embarrassment of her limb difference, always believing she was ugly and not worthy to be loved.

Boxing and years of therapy helped Steph gain the confidence she needed to start loving herself. It wasn’t until Steph started speaking about living with a limb difference that she realized she wasn’t alone in the journey against her false self. She finally started to laugh at herself, not take herself so seriously. This was the dawn of true joy for Steph.

Today, Steph continues to box, cook, socialize and ask for help when a task is daunting. If anyone understands the rocky road to peace, Steph does. She no longer hides behind food, although she still loves the party. Steph loves unconditionally knowing that the people who walked with her through her struggles are her cheerleaders. Steph continues the daily journey striving to love wholeheartedly and attain balance and peace.



Your Investment in Yourself:

Paid in Full: $1200

3 Payments of $498.33: $1495

VIP Upgrade: $1895 Includes weekly access to me via Voxer for the duration of the course ($2000 Value) ;

2  1 hour 1:1 calls ($990 Value)

A New Outlook on Life: Priceless!

You can enjoy the VIP Upgrade at no additional cost!

Invest In Yourself!