Steph helps Second Lifers discover their spirituality and incorporate it into their lives.

Steph teaches her clients and audiences how to meld a spiritual practice with the realities of daily life in order to enjoy the fullest expression of themselves, “the complete life package”.

Finally Be OK With Yourself.

Put the F. U. in FUN and No Regrets!

Learn to live a Blue Zone Life the Just Steph® way.


Just Steph®

Meet Steph

Steph Palermo is an intuitive soul guide, radio talk show host,
international motivational speaker, and published author. Born and raised in the Boston, MA area, her Sicilian heritage has strongly shaped her personal and professional life.

A congenital limb difference and numerous spiritual gifts taught her from a young age about overcoming difficulty and navigating life’s difficulties. Combined, these factors instilled in her a level of tenacity that has proven to be a key part of her personality.

Steph is open, real, honest and caring. She loves people and
desires to see every soul on the planet connected to their higher
power and serving their higher selves.

One of Steph’s favorite things is to host transformational retreats in Sicily. Steph’s dream is to share the “absolute truths” of personal growth with everyone. She is changing the world one soul at a time.

My Wishlist

A Retreat Home In Sicily
Host A TV Talk Show
Lots of hangouts with my kids
All people to realize their purpose & how loved they are
All people to adopt a new sense of awe for life and this world

Things I Can’t Live Without

My Favorite Pen
All My Kitchen Gadgets
My Leopard Yeti
My Apple Watch & Apple Pencil
My Leopard Blankie
Delta Medallion Status

My Bucket List

Become fluent in Italian
Attain enlightenment
Visit Egypt
Take my son Matty to Iceland to view the Northern Lights
Grow my business to serve millions around the world
Have a syndicated talk radio show

I am looking for coachable people who want to:

• Deepen their spirituality
• Understand the connection between life’s realities, our souls and the spiritual realm.
• Find out what religion has got to do with it all.
• Know how The Law of Attraction and Manifestation fit with religion and are not juxtaposed to a relationship with The Divine.
• Believe that having a fun, full life is Spirit’s plan for you, and it is not offensive to God.
• Realize how to have it all, and still be “normal.”
• Find their personal life’s path
If any of these statements resonate with you, we should talk. 

“To move your life from mundane to adventurous, step out
of your comfort zone. Follow your heart. Find your bliss
and live it.” JS

IP Certified Trainer


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Its Not Personal Sonny, Its Business

Steph Palermo, raised in a Sicilian family, taps into her experiences both at home and in Sicily to bring you simple wisdom to transform your life and business. Sicilians are passionate about family, food, love and respect. Steph tackles Sicilian traditions like the family dinner table, forgiveness, loyalty and generosity. As a short story teller, Steph draws you into her world and demonstrates how adopting a Sicilian way of thinking and being, you will begin to value all you have. You will enjoy healthy relationships, inner peace and an increase in productivity at home and work, not to mention an increase in appreciation for meal time.

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Just Steph® Show on YouTube

The Just Steph® show is the perfect combination of fun and feel good, created to connect with those who are starting over in their own lives. Steph offers a touch of the wisdom that she has learned, both in her earlier years as well as after beginning again in her own life. Featuring segments like the Just Steph® Rules of Dating, Lifestyle, Wellness, and Around Town, the Just Steph® show was created with empty nesters, newly single, and those starting over in mind to help them live a happier, upbeat lifestyle. Steph wants to show everyone that you can still be hip, healthy, and happy at any age! Geared to those who are 40 and over, Steph is able to connect with her viewers on a more personal level and show them just how exciting life can be.

The Only Way Is Up

Steph Palermo is the author of “The Only Way is Up”: Just Steph’s® Perspective on Life. She has been published in several Atlanta publications and her personal blog.

 “The Only Way is Up” tells you the inspirational story of how Steph overcame many challenges throughout life to gain the success and inner peace that she has today. She takes a comical approach to some of life’s biggest issues, and offers motivating advice about how you can balance your life. Steph shows you that you can prevail over any test that life throws at you and come out on the other side feeling amazing!

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Just Steph® Talk Radio Show on WATP 95.9 FM

Tune in every Monday 8-10 pm on WATD 95.9 FM or on the web…

Steph discusses all aspects of healthy living for whom she has coined as “Second Lifers”: empty nesters, newly single and those starting over. 

Tune in for…

– weekly healings

– soul reading of the week 

– live Q&A 

– The Just Steph® Rules of Dating 

– soul blocks to living your best life, and more! 

Steph gets real with local and national guests to discuss well being, cooking & dining, dating, leisure, and lifestyle! 

The Just Steph® Show streams live on 3 Facebook pages, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. Post production, The Just Steph Show can be watched or listened to via You Tube, iTunes and all major podcast platforms.