We want to thank our amazing testimonials. Steph, a naturally extroverted people lover, began to hide. She used food to find comfort. By second grade, Steph packed on the pounds. She hid her hand, and now she had a weight problem. 

Just listened to the interview….what an inspiring person Steph is.
Had a session with Steph a while ago …very informing and motivating. highly recommend a reading with Steph.

Kim Marotta

Very knowledgeable and down to earth.

Jenkins Marita Leighana

I met someone after tuning in to Love card Friday! Thanks, Steph!

Susan, Massachusetts

Thank you Steph for an enlightening one on one yesterday! I’m feeling lighter already! I’ve always had difficulty letting go but it’s time to RELEASE and take care of myself mentally, physically and spiritually so that I can be a better version of myself. I look forward to our future endeavors and working with you!

Lisa Piro Bowler

Stephanie is gifted, intuitive and a genuine healer, who brings wisdom and love to everything she does. She truly has an interest in helping others.

Susan Luongo

I’ve known Steph for 14 years and feel privileged to call her my friend. She is inspirational and motivational and authentic. Her kids are wonderful and a testimony to great parenting. I’ve enjoyed her videos and have come to realize we all have disabilities or life experiences that make great excuses…but Steph made hers ‘reasons why’ and that makes all the difference. Our handicaps can actually be our motivators, and hers have strengthened her and empowered her. Keep doing what you are doing Steph – making a difference. Xo


So thankful I met Steph funny how people come into your life when you need them. I was going through some challenges in my life that I couldn’t seem to overcome and Steph she listened without any judgment … Steph has a huge heart and I immediately felt comfortable like I had known her forever… She also has some type of healing power. One day sitting talking to stef she asked if I was in pain…. I always have neck and pain issues and that day I had lots of tension along with a headache she asked if she could come put her hands on my back and neck I instantly felt this extreme heat like a heating pad was on my upper back… Within minutes my neck and headache pain went away. Steph has great intuition and healing hands too help anyone going through challenges and can’t seem to overcome on their own.

Deb Green

I came into my sessions with Steph looking for ways to integrate my passion with my business. Steph has a way of seeing what is truly going on and tuning into the emotion and vibration around it. She helped me see a perspective I was missing and uncovered a potential path that I was blinded to due to a limiting belief. During the course of our sessions, she helped me understand how the journey I am on is an integral part of the project I am creating, which in turn, helps me appreciate and enjoy it rather than feel anxious that I’m not further along. Her comments were always kind, very thoughtful and resonated with truth in a really unique way. She left me feeling empowered to live more in alignment with my desires. I understand now what I have to do now, and the nagging anxiety over not living my dream is gone. I am living fully in my purpose and passion, and Steph’s support made it possible. Thank you!


“What a joy this book was!  The common sense approach to life, family & work could be required reading for high schoolers embarking on their first jobs.  

Loved how you incorporated the pictures and recipes.  Although I am of Irish/Scottish descent we also talk about the next meal before we are finished with the first!”


Patricia Ray

“Thank you so much for having me on the Just Steph show. It was wonderful hearing from my patients that were tuning in and from your other listeners. It was such a fantastic experience and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to grow their business. I’m grateful for seeing this opportunity on Boston Business Women and I look forward to being on your show again!”

Katherina Zabicki Calvillo, MD, FACS, FSSO

Founder and Breast Surgeon