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Who is Just Steph®?

Steph Palermo is an intuitive soul guide, influencer, radio talk show host, motivational speaker, and published author. Steph draws from her life experiences, personality, and sense of humor to share her message. Her Sicilian heritage and Boston wit make for an always uplifting and honest message. She realizes that everyone has two lives, and the second one begins when you acknowledge you only have one. As an intuitive soul guide and entrepreneur, Steph combines her ability to feel the feelings of others and her motivational speaking skills to help others go from feeling grumpy to groove every day. Her gift of being able to tap into other emotional state helps her to create an honest and open relationship with her clients so that she can put them on the right path to improving their life. 

Everyone faces challenges, internal and external. Suffering and heartache originate from life’s circumstances as well as our own choices. Steph illuminates what, many times, people cannot see themselves. She points the way to overcome that which may seem insurmountable to peaceful self-acceptance. Steph’s dream is to share what it truly means to embrace life and live it to the fullest. She promotes balance in the four areas of the human person: physical, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual. Without bias, Steph helps her audience to see their own path to a well-rounded existence where joy and contentment are the norm. 

Steph coined the phrase “Second Lifers”: empty nesters, newly single, or those making new choices for a happier life, essentially anybody wanting to move on from their current situation to a life of substance. Steph’s message welcomes hope and promise for “Second Lifers.” Life is just beginning. “Second Lifers” have new issues. Health, relationships, dating, entertainment, and career interests are far different from the millennials. Steph has the experience, knowledge, and a network of experts to connect “Second Lifers” with each other and the information they will find useful for enhancing all aspects of their lives. Steph is committed to providing “Second Lifers” with all the resources available to enjoy a balanced, fulfilled life. Steph is now the very first television talk show host with a limb difference. She supports vast philanthropic endeavors with the message to educate and motivate her audiences to accept themselves and others despite our differences, seen or unseen. Steph promotes treating everybody with dignity and respect.

“Steph is truly a force of nature, a special soul who genuinely cares about the people she works with and the universe in general.  Her passion is contagious.  As someone who has read many, many self help books and lectures, Steph keeps it real.  One of the best messages I learned from her is understanding that self-care is not selfish.  She is a shining example that believing in yourself is the greatest gift you can give to the world.”

Sandra K. Benson
Global Business Development Director, Construction
Hexagon PPM

What does Just Steph® offer?

Keynote and Motivational Speaking

Steph inspires audiences to live life to the fullest, enjoying all the world offers. By promoting physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual balance, Steph offers solutions to seemingly impossible personal issues. She draws from her life’s experiences from living with a limb difference, personality and sense of humor to share her message. Her Sicilian heritage and Boston wit make for an always uplifting and honest message. She realizes that everybody has two lives, and the second one begins when you acknowledge you only have one

The Just Steph® Show

On The Just Steph® Show, Steph discusses all aspects of healthy living for whom she has coined as “Second Lifers”, empty nesters, newly single and those starting over. The show premieres monthly from all different locations and features segments that include the Just Steph® Rules of Dating, Lifestyle, Wellness, and Around Town. The Just Steph® Show also invites different special guests to come on and share their expertise and experience as well. The show is all about living your best life, making positive choices for your life, and being the best version of yourself.

1:1 Coaching

Steph’s 1:1 sessions are concierge consulting where she creates an open, honest, and positive relationship with her clients. As an intuitive soul guide, Steph is able to feel exactly how you are feeling and show you the areas of your life that are causing you dis-ease. Together, Steph will help you transform your preconceived notions, self-doubt and lack of clarity into a new way to be. You will leave your sessions feeling a positive shift in your thinking to allow you to make a positive shift in your life.

Why Just Steph®?

Steph Palermo was born into an American-Sicilian family just outside Boston, Massachusetts. All around, life was going to be a bit more difficult for Steph Palermo. Her home was equally filled with laughter and tears. Steph witnessed abuse, a gambling addiction and violence. The dinner table was a sanctuary. All the family events revolved around eating meals most Americans experienced only in restaurants. At a very young age, Steph began to use food to find the “happy place.” Fast forward from the 1970’s to 1999: three kids, a less than understanding husband, and an unhappy Steph catapulted onto the therapist’s couch. This is where the dormant volcano spewed thirty years of repressed heartache on the lap of her shrink. After years of trying to make her marriage work despite being unhappy, Steph was finally able to walk away from her relationship and start on her path to creating a life where she could be happy again. She had an “aha” moment where she realized that we all have free will to choose happiness for ourselves. It was time to rebuild her life to be as happy as she could possibly be. 

She began to subscribe to the DPP formula: desire, pursuit, and perseverance. Deep down, Steph had the desire to impact the lives of others and help them have the same revelation that she did about choosing happiness. She started living, having fun, dating, handling her own finances, and working. With a bachelor’s degree in Business and Communications, Steph embarked on her entrepreneurial journey to launch a radio show, publish her book, start motivational speaking, and connect with others through her blog and social media. By creating her own business, Steph was able to discover her “why” in life. Helping others to create the life that they want and align with their true purpose is her passion, and brings her the joy that she wants to share with others.

The Just Steph® Show?

The Just Steph® show is a platform for Steph to reach out to others who are starting over in their own lives, and help to offer some of the wisdom that she has learned throughout the years. Featuring segments like the Just Steph® Rules of Dating, Lifestyle, Wellness, and Around Town, the Just Steph® show was created with empty nesters, newly single, and those starting over in mind to help them live a happier, upbeat lifestyle. Geared to those who are 40 and over, Steph is able to connect with her viewers on a more personal level and show them just how exciting life can be. 



So why sponsor the Just Steph® show? 

Within the United States, the divorce rates of people 50 or older has doubled in the past 20 years. The number of people who are newly single later in their lives is constantly increasing, and the market is being flooded daily with people who are leaving their relationship and starting life over on their own. The Just Steph® show is a perfect way to reach out to this audience, as Steph offers her advice and wisdom based on her own experience. With a community of over 50,000 people, Steph has the reach to help broadcast your business to other people in similar situations to herself. 

Sponsoring the Just Steph® show is for you if:

Your ideal client is between the ages of 45 and 65.

You want to market to those who are empty nesters or newly single later in life. 

You want to target people making an average of $52,000 and up per year. 

You’re looking to advertise to people who want to live a fun, happy, and groovy lifestyle! 

The Just Steph® show hopes to improve the lives of all of those who tune in. Specifically created for those who are empty nesters, newly single, and those starting over, the ultimate goal of the show is to help them create a positive outlook on life and start feeling groovy! 

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