Mondays 8-10 pm
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We are excited to be part of the WATD family. Here is a synopsis of The Just Steph® Show:
Steph discusses all aspects of healthy living for whom she has coined as “Second Lifers”: empty nesters, newly single and those starting over.  Tune in for weekly healings, soul reading of the week, live Q&A, The Just Steph® Rules of Dating, soul blocks to living your best life, and more!
Steph gets real with local and national guests to discuss well being, cooking & dining, dating, leisure, and lifestyle! The Just Steph® Show streams live on Facebook and Instagram. Post production, The Just Steph Show can be watched or listened to via You Tube, Soundcloud and iTunes.
We are seeking relationships with like-minded businesses: family oriented, back to basics, loyalty, respect and honor. Steph’s latest book, “It’s Not Personal, Sonny. It’s Business: How to run your family life and business like a Sicilian” discusses these foundational values and more. We are a family and treat our partners as such.
How can you and your business be part of The Just Steph® Show?

Be A Guest To Promote Your Business, Services Or Products: Join me live, either in studio or by phone, for 10 minutes to tell me and my audience (totaling well over 100k) about your business for merely $250. Two spots available each week.


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