Steph Palermo

Steph Palermo was born into an American-Sicilian family just outside Boston, Massachusetts. There were no ultrasounds in 1966. Along with the dysfunctions of her family, Steph entered this world with a rare disorder, Poland Syndrome. Fingers were missing from her right hand which was part of a much shorter arm. Another PS trait is the absence of the affected side’s pectoral muscle.

Meet Steph

Steph Palermo was born into an American-Sicilian family just outside Boston, Massachusetts. All around, life was going to be a bit more difficult for Steph Palermo. Her home was equally filled with laughter and tears. Steph witnessed abuse, a gambling addiction and violence.

Deep down, Steph had the desire to impact the lives of others and help them have the same revelation that she did about choosing happiness. She started living, having fun, dating, handling her own finances, and working. By creating her own business, Steph was able to discover her “why” in life. Helping others to create the life that they want and align with their true purpose is her passion, and brings her the joy that she wants to share with others.

How Can Steph Help You?

Steph Palermo is an intuitive soul guide, radio talk show host, and published author working out of Boston.

Steph helps “Second Lifers” discover their spirituality and incorporate it into their lives. Steph teaches her clients and audiences how to meld a spiritual practice with the realities of daily life in order to enjoy the fullest expression of themselves, “the complete life package”.

The Just Steph® Show

Healer, Intuitive Soul Guide

The Just Steph® show is the perfect combination of fun and feel good, created to connect with those who are starting over in their own lives. Steph offers a touch of the wisdom that she has learned, both in her earlier years as well as after beginning again in her own life. Featuring segments like the Just Steph® Rules of Dating, Lifestyle, Wellness, and Around Town, the Just Steph® show was created with empty nesters, newly single, and those starting over in mind to help them live a happier, upbeat lifestyle.

Steph At A Glance

Steph Palermo is the author of “The Only Way is Up“: Just Steph’s™ Perspective on Life. She has been published in several Atlanta publications and her personal blog.

Steph is truly a force of nature, a special soul who genuinely cares about the people she works with and the universe in general.  Her passion is contagious.  As someone who has read many, many self help books and lectures, Steph keeps it real. 

One of the best messages I learned from her is understanding that self-care is not selfish.  She is a shining example that believing in yourself is the greatest gift you can give to the world

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