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Steph Palermo, a.k.a. Just Steph®, is an international speaker known for her real approach to all aspects of life. Steph touches the hearts of her audiences with her fun personality, believe it or not stories, and her wisdom regarding the human condition.

As a soul reader, healer and empath, Steph understands life’s struggles. She dives into topics and offers a fresh perspective along with a sense of humor and a touch of sass.

In Steph’s Own Words:
From a very young age, I have known I had a special job to do. I knew that all I endured and experienced pointed toward a life of service. Spirit had a bigger plan for me, and I always knew it. I am here at this time in history to tell the world there is love: there is peace; there is a way to truly enjoy everything life has to offer. Suffering is a result of choices and misalignment. We are meant for more, much more! And I never met a mic I did not like!

Some Topics Steph Loves to Address:

  • Back to Basics: From The Beginning, The Soul Journey
  • Extreme Self-Care: What is it and why do you need it?
  • Soul blocks That Are Roadblocks to Joy
  • It’s Not Personal, Sonny It’s Business: Learn from the Sicilians
  • Discover Your Amazing-ness
  • Accepting and Creating Change
  • Find Your Bliss & Follow It 
  • #Perfect: Living with a Rare Disease/Disorder
  • Making the Workplace Your Playground 
  • The Only Way is Up!: Going from Rock Bottom to Feeling Groovy
  • Infinite Possibilities


Concierge Approach
There is no cookie cutter way to guide individuals, nor is there a recipe to follow. Each individual and organization is unique. Sure, there are fundamental truths, however, the way in which one discerns the message and applies them is as diverse as the grains of sand on a beach. Steph adapts her message and content to best serve the audience. 

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