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Embrace life and live it to the fullest


Thank You

Hi! Thank you for wanting to live your best life. The rest of the world and I have been waiting for you. Feeling Groovy for as much as your awake time is the goal here. This feel good zone is a signal that you are where you should be. This is a deep down core feel, not a fleeting moment of pleasure.

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See you on The Groove Line!

Wishing you love, balance & peace,
Just Steph

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Steph Palermo is a published author, radio talk show host and motivational speaker. Steph draws from her life’s experiences, living with a limb difference, personality and sense of humor to share her message. Her Sicilian heritage and Boston wit make for an always uplifting and honest message. She realizes that everybody has two lives, and the second one begins when you acknowledge you only have one.

Everybody faces challenges, internal and external. Suffering and heartache originate from life’s circumstances as well as our own choices. Steph illuminates what, many times, people cannot see themselves. She points the way to overcome that which may seem insurmountable to peaceful self-acceptance. Steph’s dream is to share what it truly means to embrace life and live it to the fullest. She promotes balance in the four areas of the human person: physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual. Without bias, Steph helps her audience to see their own path to a well-rounded existence where joy and contentment are the norm. Steph coined the phrase “Second Lifers”: empty nesters, newly single or those making new choices for a happier life, essentially anybody wanting to move from their current situation to a life of substance. Steph’s message welcomes hope and promise for “Second Lifers.” Life is just beginning. Steph, Atlanta’s Queen of Leisure, says,  “Fifty years ago, ‘Second Lifers’ were old and ready to kick the bucket.  Today we are exercising, eating healthy, traveling, dining out and nightclubbing.  Our H3: healthy, happy, hip, years are just starting.”