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Flip the Switch to Feel Groovy: Your Complacency Antidote

I want to share my Feel Groovy Kool-aid with you! I have, through my own life experiences, developed a formula to get you on the Groove Line. In this workshop, discover what Groovy really means, why you are blocked from living it and how you can embrace it. Groovy is a state of being, and it can be yours! Come and spend a day with me. It is a small investment of time and money to literally jump out of your skin to embrace your life.


Medical Professionals from Cape Cod Hospital

Steph will be sitting on a panel with the Medical Professionals from Cape Cod Hospital. She will have books and some handouts available at her table at the conference. See

Boston Voyager Interview

Steph was blessed to be interviewed by the Boston Voyager. Read the full article here

Steph was born into an American-Sicilian family just outside Boston, Massachusetts. There were no ultrasounds in 1966. Along with the dysfunctions of her family, Steph entered this world with a rare disorder, Poland Syndrome.

Fingers were missing from her right hand which was part of a much shorter arm. Another PS trait is the absence of the affected side’s pectoral muscle.

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Dubai Global Nursing Conference

I wanted to make you aware of an amazing opportunity for me as a speaker and Rare Disorder Patient. I have been invited to speak at The Global Nursing Conference in Dubai, September 13-14, 2018. This is very exciting. I will be addressing doctors, nurses, healthcare educators on what it is like to live with a Rare Disorder (#Perfect). I am currently seeking sponsors as I will not be compensated at all, even travel. If you know of any doctors, pharmaceutical companies or research companies that may be involved in spreading awareness of Rare Diseases, kindly share my information or contact me via my CONTACT US form.

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