Hi! Thank you for taking this quiz. Below are your results with a few tips to help you navigate tough life situations:

Mostly A’s:

Wonder Woman/Superman: Congratulations! You are changing lives by

your good deeds! You are rocking your life. You are aligned and living your purpose. You encounter adversity and uncomfortable situations with confidence, wisdom and empathy.

  • Continue to live your best life.

  • When situations do knock you off balance, tap into what you already know: who you are, your “why” and where you want to go.

  • Keep your heart open to others’ situations and your spirit connected to your infinite intelligence.

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    Mostly B’s:

The Invisible Man: When life throws you lemons, you toss them up and hope they make something. You are deep down a kind person because you avoid conflicts that may result in someone being upset. You just want it all to go away. The problem is, regardless of your flight re- sponse, you will never be satisfied. You can run, but you cannot hide. People know you are there. You know you are there. To turn the flight reaction around here are a few tips:

  •  Do take a step away from the situation to breathe, think and evalu- ate, merely tell the person you will respond shortly. This gives you time to amp up your confidence.

  •  Learn how to navigate tough conversations and issues.

  • Try to understand the flip side of whatever is happening

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    Mostly C’s:

  • Storm (X-Men) Although your ultimate goal is benevolent, you throw lightning bolts. You will protect yourself and others at any cost regard- less of the aftermath of the storm. You fight because that is how you were shown how to deal with crisis, trauma and even mild upsets. You will take the gloves off and go toe to toe maintain your self-respect. You probably, from a young age, dealt with bullying, disrespect and self-preservation. You no longer need to prove to anyone that you are an important person who is worth resect and acceptance. Here are some ways to calm the storm:
    – Think about the current situation before reacting. Breathe, even
    sleep on it.

  • –  Whatever is going on is not a reflection on you. You are good enough. Ask yourself: Is this the hill I want to die on? Treat the other per- son lie you would like to be treated.

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