Feel Groovy Speaking Engagements

Embrace life and live it to the fullest

Hire International Speaker, Steph Palermo

Steph Palermo, a.k.a. Just Steph, is an international speaker known for her real approach to all aspects of life. As an empathic messenger, Steph understands life’s struggles. She taps into her gifts to help clients and audiences navigate life to Feel Groovy Every Day.

Steph is also a published author, personal consultant and talk show host. Her topics include, but are not limited to:

Discover Your Amazing-ness

Accepting and Creating Change

Find Your Bliss & Follow It

#Perfect: Living with a Rare Disease/Disorder

Making the Workplace Your Playground

The Only Way is Up!: Going from Rock Bottom to Feeling Groovy


Steph can customize a talk around these topics to suit your audience expectations.


To speak with Steph for more information, schedule a call here.

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