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All I want for Christmas is…

Tradition, as defined in my iPhone dictionary app, is a specific practice of long-standing and/or [...]


Pass the Bucatini!

They say a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.  Not convinced of [...]

You've Come A Long Way, Stephie!

I’ve come a long way from Medford (Meffa).  This is a state of mind for [...]

Just Steph

[wpvideo aAW0tYTI]

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Just Steph Radio Interview

Just Steph’s Radio Interview  

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The Only Way is Up!

Clips of Steph’s cooking classes, Cooking at the Cornerstone.

Welcome Back, Kotter (Steph)!

Welcome back, my dreams were my ticket out…I left Boston over 20 years ago and [...]


We Are Family, I've Got All My Cousins With Me!

God has created us to live in community.  Socializing occurs immediately after birth first with [...]


Pass the Flux Capacitor!

Sicily is an amazing place.  It’s as if time has stopped.  Cell phone coverage is [...]

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Mangiamo! (Let’s Eat!)

There are two activities that God created both necessary for human survival as well as [...]