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The Eyes Have It

I love the eye lock.  You can almost guess what the other person is feeling [...]

You've Come A Long Way, Stephie!

I’ve come a long way from Medford (Meffa).  This is a state of mind for [...]

Just Steph Facebook Fan Page

Just Steph Facebook Fan Page

The American Nightmare

I grew up just outside Boston, Medford (Meffa), in a neighborhood where the houses looked [...]


Just Steph

[wpvideo aAW0tYTI]

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Jailhouse Rock

Jailhouse Rock.

Jailhouse Rock

An old friend posted this on Facebook today, “For the first time ever, I looked [...]


Just Steph Radio Interview

Just Steph’s Radio Interview  

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We Are Family, I've Got All My Cousins With Me!

God has created us to live in community.  Socializing occurs immediately after birth first with [...]