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The Eyes Have It

I love the eye lock.  You can almost guess what the other person is feeling in the eye lock.  Take for instance an infant in her mother’s arms.  When I held my babies, I looked deep into their eyes loving them to their core.  They would stare back knowing they were safe and loved.  Back…

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You've Come A Long Way, Stephie!

I’ve come a long way from Medford (Meffa).  This is a state of mind for me.  As you continue to read my blogs, I can only hope you understand my words do not reflect my true feelings about Meffa or the reality of city living.  On the contrary, I hold so many of you in…

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The American Nightmare

I grew up just outside Boston, Medford (Meffa), in a neighborhood where the houses looked like Archie Bunker’s.  We were pretty much low-income, except when my father hit it big on a football game, and we looted the mall with a vengeance before the well ran dry.  I slept in the same bed as my…

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Jailhouse Rock

An old friend posted this on Facebook today, “For the first time ever, I looked into the mirror and said out loud: ‘you deserve better’……I nearly had an out-of-body experience and scared myself!”  This is her get out of jail free card.  Will she use it or remain in her comfy cell?  We are inmates…

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We Are Family, I've Got All My Cousins With Me!

God has created us to live in community.  Socializing occurs immediately after birth first with our mothers as she holds and feeds her newborn.  This is our first sense of security and comfort.  Our world then extends to fathers, siblings and later extended family.  It is here that we learn to love and be loved.…

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