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Jailhouse Rock

An old friend posted this on Facebook today, “For the first time ever, I looked into the mirror and said out loud: ‘you deserve better’……I nearly had an out-of-body experience and scared myself!”  This is her get out of jail free card.  Will she use it or remain in her comfy cell?  We are inmates…

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Put the Shoe on the Other Foot

Our first night in Rome, my husband and I walked about 1 1/2 hours looking for Taverna Trilussa, the restaurant for which we had reservations.  When we finally made it, I had a blister the size of a Kennedy half dollar.  For me, though, it’s fashion over comfort.  The dinner was amazing, but we took…

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Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places

Why do we continually fill up with unhealthy living? Food? Alcohol? Drugs? Sex? Dysfunctional Relationships? For me, anytime I am unbalanced, I am trying to find the happy place.  I want to feel loved and accepted.  I am trying to fill the void. We all have an empty place in our hearts.  We long for…

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