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All I want for Christmas is…

Tradition, as defined in my iPhone dictionary app, is a specific practice of long-standing and/or [...]


The Eyes Have It

I love the eye lock.  You can almost guess what the other person is feeling [...]

Yah, You Blend!

 I have been living in Atlanta for twenty years.  I was a young mother of [...]

You've Come A Long Way, Stephie!

I’ve come a long way from Medford (Meffa).  This is a state of mind for [...]

Just Steph Facebook Fan Page

Just Steph Facebook Fan Page [...]

The American Nightmare

I grew up just outside Boston, Medford (Meffa), in a neighborhood where the houses looked [...]


She Let Go!

“Without a thought or word, she let go. She let go of the fear. She [...]


Just Steph

[wpvideo aAW0tYTI] [...]

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Warning: Take Care of Your Bodies!

This note is geared toward the twenty somethings, but applies to all.  I have one [...]

I've Got a Meeting in the Ladies' Room

I’ll be back real soon…What actually goes on behind the closed doors of the powder [...]

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