Why Sponsor the Just Steph Show?

The Just Steph show is a platform for Steph to reach out to others who are starting over in their own lives, and help to offer some of the wisdom that she has learned throughout the years. Featuring segments like the Just Steph Rules of Dating, Lifestyle, Wellness, and Around Town, the Just Steph show was created with empty nesters, newly single, and those starting over in mind to help them live a happier, upbeat lifestyle. Geared to those who are 40 and over, Steph is able to connect with her viewers on a more personal level and show them just how exciting life can be. 

So why sponsor the Just Steph show? 

Within the United States, the divorce rates of people 50 or older has doubled in the past 20 years. The number of people who are newly single later in their lives is constantly increasing, and the market is being flooded daily with people who are leaving their relationship and starting life over on their own. The Just Steph show is a perfect way to reach out to this audience, as Steph offers her advice and wisdom based on her own experience. With a community of over 50,000 people, Steph has the reach to help broadcast your business to other people in similar situations to herself. 

Sponsoring the Just Steph show is for you if:

        • Your ideal client is between the ages of 45 and 65.
        • You want to market to those who are empty nesters or newly single later in life. 
        • You want to target people making an average of $52,000 and up per year. 
        • You’re looking to advertise to people who want to live a fun, happy, and groovy lifestyle! 

The Just Steph show hopes to improve the lives of all of those who tune in. Specifically created for those who are empty nesters, newly single, and those starting over, the ultimate goal of the show is to help them create a positive outlook on life and start feeling groovy!

You Can become a Partner Too!

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