About Steph

Embrace life and live it to the fullest


What Does Just Steph Offer?

Keynote Speaking


Steph inspires audiences to live life to the fullest, enjoying all the world offers. By promoting physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual balance, Steph offers solutions to seemingly impossible personal issues. She draws from her life’s experiences, living with a limb difference, personality and sense of humor to share her message. Her Sicilian heritage and Boston wit make for an always uplifting and honest message. She realizes that everybody has two lives, and the second one begins when you acknowledge you only have one.

Ruby Slippers Workshops

Steph will integrate her personal journey with strategies to achieve balance in the four aspects of the human person: physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual into half or full-day workshops. During your time with Steph, you and your group will gain a better perspective on your lives, how to live a more peaceful existence and advance toward self-love and true joy. The Ruby Slipper Workshops are fun and synergistic with round table discussions, reflection questions and interaction with Steph. Once you complete one of Steph’s Ruby Slipper Workshops, you will know you’ve had the power all along!

For The Medical Community

Born with Poland Syndrome, Steph raises awareness of the realities of life with a limb difference. Healthcare Providers and students, caregivers and patients will come to understand that living with a rare disorder is more than a physical hardship. Steph discusses the emotional journey that parallels medical treatment, coping mechanisms and caring for your loved one who is bearing the burden of a chronic condition.