The Only Way is Up

Why Did She Have to Eat the Apple?

I often pondered not only why Eve ate the forbidden fruit, but what actually happened in the moments immediately following The Fall.  All religions, monotheistic and polytheistic alike, have oral and written traditions on humanity’s separation  from the Divine.  Most of the ancient civilizations like the Sumerians, Egyptians and Babylonians told stories of man’s creation…

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I Found My Mojo!

After the summer of indulgence, eating, drinking and low-keyed workouts, I found myself needing the jaws of life to get into my fav jeans.  Well, you know what this does to a girl.  I had lost my mojo.  I lost my adrenaline in the gym, the ability to limit my caloric intake and the spark…

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What's Over the Fence?

During dinner with my girlfriends, one of my besties recounted a recent event at her office.  She is a therapist dealing with extreme cases.  So if you are sitting across from her you probably are a candidate to O.D.  My dear friend recounted how one of the practice’s clients had attempted suicide that week and…

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