Why Did She Have to Eat the Apple?

I often pondered not only why Eve ate the forbidden fruit, but what actually happened in the moments immediately following The Fall.  All religions, monotheistic and polytheistic alike, have oral and written traditions on humanity’s separation  from the Divine.  Most of the ancient civilizations like the Sumerians, Egyptians and Babylonians told stories of man’s creation and subsequent detachment from the creator.  What really went on in Mesopotamia?  The Garden of Eden was not only a place but a state of being, and that bitch f*#@ed us all up while spineless Adam watched. (Hmmm! Sound familiar?)

Back in the Garden before somebody decided an apple looked more appealing than all the other fruit, we were running around naked, laughing, tiptoeing through the tulips.  We petted the lions and spiders never came near us.  We ate only to fuel our bodies and all our emotions and bodily functions were under control.  It was one big enjoyable family gathering filled with joy, peace and unconditional love.  Dysfunction could not be fathomed similar to people living in 1850 trying to understand the internet or cell phones.

More importantly, we knew who we were.  We understood are amazingness.  We were connected to source energy, God, The Universe and each other.  We knew our roles.  We were aligned with our purpose and walked in our zones.  We had power beyond that which our current pea brains can fathom.  We used those powers to continue the flow of love, balance and peace.  The Garden of Eden was true reality, our truth.

Why would anybody ruin humanity’s perpetual vacation? It dawned on me this past week during my yoga class.  My teacher read a passage while I was zoning during Shavasana.  To paraphrase: “Why were we given a heart, spirit and intuition when our minds get in the way? We do what we don’t want to do. We live a life that doesn’t feel right, etc.”

So my rest was interrupted with the flooding of thoughts…the mind of Eve, and lazy ass Adam, turned our dream vacation upside down.  She thought she was smarter than the universe.  Eve made a decision based on what she thought were the facts, the reality: the apple was ripe, looked and smelled delicious. The serpent told her it was good for her (like some of the people in our lives who think they know what’s best for us.).  What seems to be the truth, and really should be, is not so.  Ultimately, Eve used her brain to justify why she should do something that was juxtaposed  to her heart, spirit and intuition. She ate the apple and handed it to the dummy next to her.

And here’s what happened…amnesia.  Our memories of who we are were wiped away.  We forgot that we chose everything about ourselves, physical bodies, parents, children, purpose.  The gift of Free Will is eternal, given to us before our time/space reality.  We just forgot.  We forgot our power.  Now that we are separated from source energy, we don’t know what to do.  We are lost in a dream world.  The reality of our amazing-ness, purpose, joy, unconditional love and peace have to be found again and remembered.

Our true happiness does not lie in the material.  It resides in the remembering of who we truly are.  The journey is not a physical one.  It is in taming the mind, using it for intellectual information.  When we listen to our deep inner self, our true self, we will be walking in the zone, aligned with our purpose.  It is here that we operate in our strengths and gifts, make choices that serve us and the people we love.   It is time to reconnect with Source Energy, God, The Universe.  Then we must take hold of our hearts, listen to our intuition and follow our spirits back to reality, back to The Garden of Eden.

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Wishing you love, balance & peace!

Amore & Baci,

Just Steph