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This Girl is On Fire!

I Found My Mojo!

After the summer of indulgence, eating, drinking and low-keyed workouts, I found myself needing the [...]

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Just Steph Brings You "Pink"


Decatur Book Festival

Come by and say Hi!

Decatur Book Festival

Decatur Book Festival For my loyal blog readers, avid book clubbers and anyone with a [...]

Today's Life Lesson

Just Steph’s Life Lessons


Just Steph on Goal Jumper

Just Steph on Goal Jumper I am excited to be part of the Goal Jumper [...]

All The Shrinks I've Loved Before

In the spring of 1996, I buckled my two and four-year old boys into my [...]


It's Not All About the Weight!

I have been a bit unhappy with my weight.  I have put on 12 lbs [...]

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