This Girl is On Fire!

I am walking on fire, yet, cool and peaceful as a coastal sunset…

Where do I begin?

I have missed writing. My creativity has been pushed aside for the “to-do” list, buried under a pile of an administrative abyss.  It has become my internal volcano building energy waiting in frustration to erupt. I was either going to implode or spew what I have brewing.

The joy and elation I feel can evoke tears at a drop of a dime.  I love this feeling.  I love my life.  I finally really love me.  We can love people without actually liking them.  I have discovered, unearthed, excavated, dug deep (you get it), me.  I like me, the person; I found my new BFF.  I like being my friend because I care about me. I want good things for me. I believe in me. I know me. I see my beauty and purpose.

I perceive my gifts, talents and strengths. I laugh at and get a kick out of my quirks. I encourage me to live my best life.  I tell myself to take care of the treasure that I am.  I am honest with me. I am a good friend to me and vice versa.

How did I get here? I do not know specific steps at this time . However, I know I wanted this.  I wanted peace.  I wanted to love and accept myself.  I wanted a balanced relationship between myself and the world around me.  What I desire is to tell the world, help whoever wants this in their life.

So here is the formula: The desire to find personal meaning, the pursuit of peace and true contentment and the perseverance to see it come to fruition are the keys to a blissful existence.  Desire, pursuit and perseverance will yield a life where every day is more fun than the day before.

I always knew all this.  I did not feel it; it was intellectual rather than experiential.  I did not believe that life could feel and be this good, mostly because I did not feel I deserved this much happiness.  I surrounded myself with people who supported this “I am less than” mentality.  Deep down I knew there was more for me.


There’s a catch.  By the world’s standards, more is less: less stuff, less clutter, less people, less noise.  This is where more is; it is in the less.

It is in the less where I love more: myself, my family, my friends, my possessions, what I do and where I go.  It is in the less where my true purpose shines, where I am walking in my zone, where I am choked up with immense joy.  It is in the less where I see the hearts of the people around me.  It is in the less where everything works out for my benefit, though seemingly a loss.  It is in the less where I rest and have all the energy of the universe.

It is from this place, from what the world sees as lack, that I can truly love you unconditionally.

I am happy to be back.  Have an amazingly less day. Find fun and feel groovy! Know I love you all!

Amore & Baci!

Wishing you love, balance and peace,

Just Steph