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Dear Friend,

For anyone interested in helping me get to Dubai and share my story, here are links for you to help Rare Disease Patients all over the world:


For those companies (or share with someone) who would like their Logo on my slides in Dubai as well as on my website, social media and newsletters, please read on:

My name is Steph Palermo.  I was born with Poland Syndrome which is classified as a Rare Disorder.  I have been invited to speak at The Global Nursing Conferencein Dubai on September 13, 2018 and I need your help.  This is an amazing opportunity for me to share what life is like as a Rare Disease/Disorder patient with an international gathering of doctors, nurses and healthcare educators.  Because there are so few patients with any of the classified rare diseases, there is no money to fund research for these often chronic, many times fatal illnesses.  Most times, doctors have no clue with what they are trying to treat or diagnose. In fact, medical schools barely broach the subject.  Rare Diseases are a one liner in medical journals.

Although this is a lofty invitation to speak, and my audience will be prestigious medical professionals, there is no budget for speakers.  I could not let this opportunity pass by even though it is an unpaid speaking event and no travel is covered.  They are giving me $400 off the $600 cost of the conference.  The rest is up to me and anyone who will help me educate the world on the realities of living with a Rare Disease or Disorder.  This is where I need you and your company to step in to help.  I would like to first tell you about me:

I am an empathic messenger, talk show host and published author working out of Atlanta and Boston.  Drawing from my experience with living with a limb difference, my Sicilian heritage, personality and humor I love to share my message to audiences and consulting clients.  I believe that by aligning with your true purpose, recognizing your amazing-ness and changing your choices, you can alter your entire world and positively influence bottom line revenue in the business world. You can feel groovy every day by finding and living your best life and loving your job! My talk show can be watched or listened on Social Media, Soundcloud and Itunes.  You can learn more about me on my website,

Please consider sponsoring at any level.  I will be placing sponsor logos on my presentation slides, in my newsletter, on social media as well as my website.  In order cover these costs, I am hoping to raise $10,000.00. Here is what will be covered:

$5,000 will cover travel expenses

$7,500 will cover travel and sponsor promotions on social media and newsletter

$10,000 will cover travel, sponsor promotions on social media, newsletter, presentation slides as well as a spot for your company on the Just Steph website for one year.

Donations of any amount are welcome- we will add your contribution to our totals and will add you as a partner on all of Just Steph’s social media.  I would also be willing to barter donations for consulting services both personally and at your place of work.

I look forward to addressing the world about Rare Diseases and hope to include your company in that presentation. To contact me about becoming a sponsor, you can reach me at


Steph Palermo