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The Friend Zone

One of my fav comedies stars Ryan Reynolds in “Just Friends.”  Very early in the [...]


Just Steph's Wish For You Today

Everybody has two lives. Their second one begins when they realize they only have one. [...]


Follow Your Bliss

Growing up Sicilian and Catholic, I learned very quickly not to be too happy. The [...]


The Eyes Have It

I love the eye lock.  You can almost guess what the other person is feeling [...]

There's Something About You and I

Extroverts love to be in the mix.  They gain energy from being with people, especially [...]

What Happened to Vinny?

Planning my trip to the desert strip was interesting this time around.  We try to [...]

Yah, You Blend!

 I have been living in Atlanta for twenty years.  I was a young mother of [...]