What Happened to Vinny?


Planning my trip to the desert strip was interesting this time around.  We try to get to a few shows, including big headliners like Rod Stewart and Ray Romano.  This time of year, many of the usual big names are taking a hiatus.  So it was easy to convince my husband to see Donny & Marie, which he loved.  I have been wanting to see Boston’s Vinny Favorito.  Vinny is a stand up comedian whose show changes nightly because he picks on the audience for the entertainment.

Wanting to support my bean town boy as well as enjoy the banter, which I love, I purchased VIP seats for last night.  I knew I was putting myself directly in the line of Vinny’s fire, but I was ready to give it right back.  Yesterday morning, during my boxing training, I received a voicemail.  Vinny was canceling Thursday and Friday shows.  We have plans for Saturday, so we took the refund.  I was so disappointed.  What would we do?

One of our vendor friends invited us to a long drawn out three-hour dinner.  We politely (f*#k no) declined.  This is Vegas!  You sit for three hours eating like a famine is en route then everyone starts yawning at nine o’clock like they are one hundred years old.  Not this bitch!  I am ready to go out and have fun. I want to meet people, talk and dance.  Eating little nibbles and tapas with cocktails is enough to fuel this engine.

Instead of the fat farm, we chose STK Las Vegas right here in The Cosmopolitan.  The ambience is hot. Music is awesome and the small plates are to die for.  As soon as I walked up to the bar, I met Val from Newport Beach, California.  We hit it off immediately.  I loved her.  The conversation was fabulous.  Jennifer soon joined us, another beauty.  Not sure where she was from, the vodkas were taking effect.  The three of us danced, talked and laughed while our husbands chatted at the baaah.

IMG_3016                         Unknown

Val and I floated around making friends.  We met a great group from Canada.  When we sat down, they thought they hit the lottery.  Sorry boys, it’s just conversation and drinks.  They were funny.  One of the guys bought my book as did the baahtendaah.

When it was time to end such a great night, I signed books for Val and Jennifer and exchanged contact information.  Val texted me this morning saying she read my book and loved it.  Says she’s planning to read it again and again.  Really, friends, this is what makes it all worth it.  Bringing light and love into people’s lives is such a blessing to me.

Val and I are planning to meet up tonight to cut the rug at some Vegas hot spot.  I cannot wait to hear her comments about my book and what truly impacted her.  I missed out on Vinny Favorito, but I gained a new friend.  I would happily give up any show for the pleasure of new life experiences.  I’ll catch you next time, Vinny.

Tell me what’s going on in your life.  I want to hear from you.

Wishing you love, balance and peace.

Amore & Baci (love & kisses),

Just Steph



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