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There's Something About You and I

Extroverts love to be in the mix.  They gain energy from being with people, especially those with whom they connect.  Isolation is torture.  This is me.  I love to work a room, meet new friends and dig into their hearts. For me, each encounter is unique and enhances my mere existence.  I am a better…

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What Happened to Vinny?

Planning my trip to the desert strip was interesting this time around.  We try to get to a few shows, including big headliners like Rod Stewart and Ray Romano.  This time of year, many of the usual big names are taking a hiatus.  So it was easy to convince my husband to see Donny &…

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Yah, You Blend!

 I have been living in Atlanta for twenty years.  I was a young mother of one when we arrived south of the Mason-Dixon line.  It took me seven years to finally say, with a lump in my throat, that the peach state was home for me.  It was at this turning point that I knew…

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"The Only Way is Up!" Signed Copies

“The Only Way is Up!” Signed Copies! Get your personalized copy of “The Only Way is Up!”  My first book is a great beach read, hostess or birthday gift.  Don’t miss a chance  at a personalized copy.

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