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She (Just Steph) Works Hard for the Money!

Just about every weekend for the last three years, I have frequented my fav ATL restaurants, piano bars and nightclubs.  More often than not, my husband and I eat at the bar accompanied by ATL’s finest mixologists and regular barflies.   I stand piano side singing along to the tunes that everyone knows, like Brandy,…

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One Bad Apple Don't Spoil the Whole Bunch, Steph

Give it one more try before I give up on love…Putting ourselves out there, living a truly authentic life is dangerous.  Love is a battlefield, inside and out.  We are vulnerable.  Our hearts are on the line.  I have heard the lamentations of so many friends who refuse to step out of their comfort zone…

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Let's Shake on It!

A friend called me the other night asking if  I had a minute to talk.  We had discussed previously how we both suffer with the fear of public humiliation.  She wanted to discuss this on a deeper level knowing my story and my everyday struggles.  She asked,  “how do you get over the fear?”  I…

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