She (Just Steph) Works Hard for the Money!

Just about every weekend for the last three years, I have frequented my fav ATL restaurants, piano bars and nightclubs.  More often than not, my husband and I eat at the bar accompanied by ATL’s finest mixologists and regular barflies.   I stand piano side singing along to the tunes that everyone knows, like Brandy, or my girlfriend and I shake our booties to the likes of “Call me Maybe.” At all these venues, I can work the room.  I meet people, dig into their lives, find out what makes them tick.  When I see them at a later date, I tap into my memory and retell them their story.  This is baffling to my weekend acquaintances, especially since vodka is usually involved.  But this is what I do and do best.  I bring out people’s hearts.  I love it and don’t even realize it until a second or third chance encounter and I experience their emotion when we talk.

After raising my family for 20 plus years, I am getting back into the work world.  Doing what I do best, telling my story, hearing about all of yours, finding humor in most everything and teaching balance in life are my passions.  Through keynote speaking, workshops, life coaching and eventually a radio and/or TV talk show, I hope to, at some point, forge a career.  So I decided to attend an after hours social networking group.  I harassed my printer to have my newest business cards ready, chose my outfit, swallowed my fear and jumped into the passenger seat so my husband could coach and escort me.

With my salad in my throat, I reluctantly strolled into the hip ATL venue, at which I spent my last two Saturday dinners. We donned our name tags and dropped our business cards into the fish bowl for a door prize.  Of course, I was stumbling.  This was my first business card drive by.  My husband is a construction executive.  The first guy we met was a construction litigations lawyer. The event organizer comes by to greet us and I proceed to bring up irrelevant shit as my husband is hand signaling me to STFU (SHUT THE F*#$k UP). Then comes the moment for the drawing…guess who wins the two bottles of Russian Vodka not currently available in the US?  You’ve got it…husband #1!

I did get to meet a local meteorologist who was darling and Miss Georgia USA.  Maybe they will get me a gig somewhere.  Who knows.  But I’m heading out tonight to try again.  If nothing else, I get to give out my business cards again tonight to executives interested in my husband’s business. I’ll keep you posted.

Tell me what’s going on in your life.  I want to hear from you!

Wishing you love, balance and peace!

Amore & Baci (Love & Kisses),

Just Steph

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