You’ve Got to Feel Groovy to Give

Human beings are wired for generosity.  If you have kids, or care for children in one capacity or another, your giving treadmill is on 24/7. Your communities are constantly asking for volunteers to plant shrubs in the town center. Your employer strong arms you into supporting the upkeep of the lion’s den at the local zoo because your boss went on safari last summer and feels bad for Mufasa.  So off to the Zoo Gala you go after dropping $500 of personal funds on a dress, tickets and Uber.

All of the above charities are great to support.  You get an ego boost when you give back to the world.  However, you are tired.  You get pulled in one direction or another to give beyond what you have. The cup is half or completely empty. The Velociraptors are devouring your waning benevolence.

If giving makes you happy, why are you so dissatisfied, drained?  Here’s the reason: You are spread thin, sacrificing your energy everywhere and drawing from an empty well.  You say yes in order to receive approval from those around you and to temporarily feel good. No wonder you are tired.

There is a means to an infinite spring of giving energy.  It is two-fold; both come from within. The first order of business is know your purpose. You must understand and appreciate your eternal gifts. Walk in your zone of genius. The second is to love, respect and appreciate your place in the universe with regards to everything about you, more specifically your purpose. Choose to tap into these gifts every day and especially when asked to go beyond your scope. Does this event resonate with you? Will you be operating in your zone of genius? Will you be sacrificing something of greater value like time with family?

It is in aligning with your purpose and walking in your zone where you feel groovy.  This is the place where the journey is fun and exciting.  Consequently, it is here where you do the most service because this is your place. Give to the world from your Groove Line because, although it may ask for something else, the universe is waiting for you to operate from this purpose. I am waiting!

Tell me what’s going on in your life. I want to hear from you.

Wishing you love, balance & peace,

Amore & Baci,

Just Steph