Are You Ready To Drop Those LBS’s…And I Do NOT Mean Weight…

Being here in Sicily this last month, I have learned the difference between a stress free life and checking out completely. It may seem to all of you that I have checked out. Maybe you think I am escaping my responsibilities. That could not be farther from the truth. What I have experienced is completely juxtaposed to a person who checks out, who completely disconnects. Allow me to explain…

I can only speak of the people I have come across in America who live LBS: lazy, braindead and shallow. I know that every country in the world has people like this, but I can only write about my personal experience. These people are clowns, a laughing stock to the people with whom they associate. The reason is because they have the capacity to be so much more, and they choose the opposite. To me, this is repulsive.

Some people are born without the capacity to learn complex ideas. These people are not braindead, that is their biology. Many are taught by their parents and family of origin laziness. So many families ride the waves of true relationships out of fear. They remain on the surface never sharing hearts or the soul. This is truly an unfortunate way to be. However, that is the way of life for these people.

Then there are those who sadly choose LBS. They are too lazy to make an effort with regards to work, relationships and trying to live a purpose driven life. Their minds are mush because thinking means a connection to something, anything. They are shallow because it is safe. Remaining on the surface is a security blanket.

I have to say I have met, and even been in relationships with people who have the capacity for so much, yet they choose to hold on to LBS. These people make me sick to my stomach. I cannot imagine what is going through their empty heads, cold hearts and darkened souls. What kind of living is this?

The life of living LBS is a fear based life. It is victim mode. Somebody did something to them. Perhaps a life experience catapulted them into LBS. Victim mentality is weak. What’s funny is these people think they are in total control of their lives. The reality is fear is steering their boat. They have given up as captain of their own ship and gave it away to whatever is holding them back. How tragic!

If you are involved with a person who lives LBS, my advice it to walk away and allow them to realize the consequences of this life. You cannot have a meaningful life with someone who is LBS, and they lose you if they choose this. It is a privilege to have deep meaningful relationships: at work, in families, with friends . and in love. The LBS’s must experience the loss in order to realize what they have been missing living this way.

If you are one of these people, I can help you live a purpose driven life. I can show you haw amazing it is to be connected to yourself, other people and the universe. Simply respond to this blog and let me know you would like my help. If you choose to stay here in lazy, braindead and shallow, know you are missing out on why you are in existence: to live life to the fullest reaping all the love, pleasures and abundance this world has to offer. And I feel sorry for you.

Know I love you all. Tell me what’s going on in your life. I want to hear from you!

Wishing you love, balance and peace.

Amore & Baci,

Just Steph