Dreams Can Come True

As Gabrielle’s song goes…”Did you hear what I’m sayin? Gotta say how I feel…Can’t deny my feelings because they are true. Dreams can come true…”

We all have a burning desire in our hearts for something more: more meaning, more love, more laughter, more joy, more satisfaction with life. We wait for some cosmic event that will rock our worlds. We may even say things like, “one day things will be different.” Will they? Will you die the way you lived:  bored, lonely, apathetic, pathetic?

Why do musicians sing, artists paint or sculpt, writers write about the beauty within and that which surrounds us? Is it all a fantasy? Perhaps a dream? I propose something juxtaposed to the idea that all that we crave is just out of arms reach. Your dreams, my dreams are not only within reach, they are within each one of us. We must find the key to unlock the treasure box to release them. There is no need for a map. I will tell you where your key is.

The key is a symbol of trust. If I give you the key to my home or car, I trust you in my intimate space. The key to your treasure box was given to you prior to you entering time/space reality. God, The Universe, Higher Power, Source Energy (pick one) trusted you with this key. Unfortunately you forgot where you hid it because you forgot who you are.

You were trusted with the combination to the safe holding captive your life of freedom, enjoyment, inclusion, feeling part of something bigger than you because you chose who you are. You volunteered for your life, your purpose and the people around which you are surrounded. Infinite Intelligence said, ok, here you go, have a blast.

You took your key and ran right into physical reality. Then you were born, and the world hijacked your brain, your heart and your spirit. They instilled in you beliefs that contradicted your ultimate truth of who you are and why you are here. The carefree days of laughing until it hurts, playing in the rain, dancing in front of your family at holidays and enjoying their applause when you bowed were over. Grown-ups do not get their hands dirty. They do not make fools of themselves. You can only love certain types of people; worship God a certain way and live your life according to the popular trends. Don’t dare to deviate from the “norm.”

So where is the key to your treasure box of dreams and a way of being that resonates with your soul, not with what your mother, father, teachers told you? It is in living the life that was meant for you. The combination to the box holding your dreams is in recognizing who you really are, your amazing-ness, your gifts, your beautiful spirit and heart. The key is in loving yourself so much that you can’t help but see the beauty in others. Your dreams are in living your purpose, doing what feels really good deep down. It is in loving who you choose to love, savoring the food you enjoy, spending time with the people who mean the most to you and laughing until you cry, stopping to take in the sights around you.

Your dreams are not attainable from the treadmill on which you remain. They are off the beaten path on the road less traveled. Break free from mass consciousness. Take time to be quiet. Get to know yourself. Look in the mirror. Ask yourself hard questions with simple answers like, “am I really happy?” It is here you will find your key. I promise.

If you need help finding your key, I am here for you. I offer intuitive coaching. Just respond to this blog and I will be in touch. If it is not me, please find your key. I am waiting for your dreams to come true too.

Tell me what’s going on in your life. I want to hear from you. Know I love you all!

Wishing you love, balance and peace.

Amore & Baci,

Just Steph