Burning the Candle at Both Ends

I am just about to board my plane heading back to Atlanta from Boston. Every year I get home from Boston and hit the wall.  I get a full blown cold and sinus infection, swine flu or some other ailment.  In his book “Choice Theory,” by William Glasser, Glasser says we choose to be sick.  Sounds crazy, right? I don’t want to be sick; I don’t choose the bacteria and viruses that infect me, do I? Hear me out: I just spent the last ten days running around like a twenty one year old, eating, drinking, dancing and hanging out until the wee hours catching up with old friends. I am bloated, swollen, exhausted and flabby.  I have depleted my immune system, not to mention the adrenaline that kept my going like the energizer bunny is now on empty. Of course I’m going to get sick.  I feel it already, scratchy throat, fatigue, sinus pressure. So whether you are are worn out by your stressful, hectic everyday life, or you are trying to relive your twenties, expect not to feel good. Don’t go around blaming the other people or the dirty shopping cart for your cold.  Take a good look at how you are living and make some changes. Serious illnesses like cancer can be attributed to stress as well as poor living. Exercising, eating healthy, avoiding poisons like alcohol and drugs (I know you are drinking more than you should and smoking weed), keeping stress levels low and getting proper rest will add years to your life. Believe it or not, you will have more energy and feel great. So hopefully, I can follow my own advice and hit it hard when I land in Atlanta.  I had a blast in Boston.  Unfortunately, I will probably do the same thing next year.  But at least I can blame myself for being sick when I get home. Tell me what’s going on in your life.  I want to hear from you! Wishing you love, balance and peace.Image

3 thoughts on “Burning the Candle at Both Ends

  1. Valerie Kean says:

    Sorry I missed out on some of that fun! Hopefully, I will be able to catch you next year. I am down the cape with three of my children and 7, yes 7, grandkids. It is a blast but I need a vacation as soon as this one is over.
    Love, Val

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