Do As I Say…

Not as I did…

ImageLast night I allowed something to happen.  I went out in great spirits.  I had a great dress, hair professionally blow dried, smile on my face.  I was excited to see my friends, have some cocktails and socialize.  The event was a monthly Happy Hour at one of my Buckhead favs, New York Prime.  I had two seats reserved for me and my BFF at my “spot” at the baaah.

After arriving, I immediately started chatting with whomever was around me.  Steve had my place and my drink ready.  All was good, so I thought.  As time passed a negative vibe infiltrated my space.  One little event after the next got under my skin.  Before you know it, I was a rip roaring bitch.  From the outside, I must have turned into the wicked witch of the west.  That’s how I felt.

I let a perfectly wonderful start turn into an evening of bitching because I couldn’t laugh shit off.  I let the negative influences of people’s behavior and words as well as little irritants like waiting on a cab turn my lemonade sour.

11182166_10206886171501359_3467817911413340586_nToward the end of the evening, one of my good friends who bore the brunt of my bitching, told me to relax.  He was obviously feeling my nastiness.  I went to bed a bitch. Ugh!

I have learned a tremendous lesson: you get more with honey than vinegar.  I lived it last night.  Being with me last night was like drinking straight vinegar.

So what am I going to do about it? I have choices.  I can continue being negative and beat myself up for wasting a wonderful outfit, hairdo and time being witchy poo. However, I choose this: I am moving on.  Brushing it off.  Today is a new day, and I am starting fresh. I am working today then hosting dinner at my home.


I refuse to carry last night into today.  Last night I allowed negativity to rule my world.  Today, I am ruling my world with love and positivity. I am sorry I allowed this to happen.  I forgive myself and move on.

I love you all dearly! Have a fab, positive day.

Tell me what’s going on in your life.  I want to hear from you.

Wishing you love, balance and peace!

Amore & Baci,

Just Steph