Just Steph Supports the What if Your Baby? Campaign

Team JS is very proud to be behind a campaign to educate and support parents of children with limb differences.  Below is the international press release announcing our involvement with the cause as well as the promo video.




 September 30, 2014

Leading Inspirational, Limb-Different American Gets Behind International Crowdfunding Campaign to Help Parents of Children Born Limb Different

A crowdfunding campaign to create resources in five languages for people who suddenly discover that they have a limb different child – or one on the way – is being supported by Steph Palermo – an American woman who lives with the rare condition, Poland syndrome.

The ‘What If? Your Baby Has a Limb Difference’ campaign is trying to raise $38,000 (€30,000) in order to create support hubs in five languages to help parents to deal with what if often an emotionally challenging time – the birth or imminent birth of a child with limb difference.

Steph Palermo lives in Atlanta, Georgia and works as a motivational speaker – bringing her experience of living with Poland syndrome to a wider audience.

“We are absolutely delighted to get Steph involved in our campaign,” said EDRIC Chairman, Geoff Adams-Spink.

“People with Steph’s undoubted ability to communicate are a massive asset to crowdfunding campaigns such as ours. We feel privileged that she has embraced our campaign’s objectives and is happy to use her celebrity to give our campaign a boost.”

Steph Palermo has recorded a one-minute video especially for the campaign which talks about what a difference she has made to the world. It’s one of many being used by the campaigners to engage interest and support for their Indiegogo-based project.

“I posted a link to one of my existing videos on the ‘What If?’ Indiegogo page and Geoff responded immediately,” said Steph Palermo.

“This is an amazing campaign – making imaginative use of video content and social media channels to create a truly global support base. I just couldn’t resist it when they asked me to lend my support to the campaign.”

The ‘What If? Your Baby Has a Limb Difference’ campaign runs on Indiegogo until Monday October 20.



  • For further information please contact EDRIC Chairman, Geoff Adams-Spink by email to adams-spink@edric.eu or call his UK number on +44 7711 898787
  • To arrange an interview with Steph Palermo, please contact her agent Lisa Marr by email to lizarmars@me.com or call +1 (470) 214-4224
  • Further information about Steph Palermo can be found on her website, Twitter and her YouTube channel
  • The campaign is using the Indiegogo platform in order to raise funds – further information can be found on the Indiegogo website
  • The campaign’s launch video can be seen at http://youtu.be/Aw0VccaC_bE
  • The European Dysmelia Reference Information Centre is a non-profit NGO registered in Sweden (no. 802444-3015)
  • EDRIC has 27 member organisations in 19 countries – the majority of them EU member states – and represents 5,000 people living with limb difference
  • EDRIC runs an online Dysmelia Network (DysNet) supported by a frequently-updated, multi-lingual website, supported by social media activity on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and has an online multi-lingual forum, RareConnect, for information sharing and peer support

Dysmelia describes a number of extremely rare conditions – further details are available from DysNet


After watching the video, please continue to be mindful of everyone’s differences whether you can see them or not.  Courageously dig deep to recognize your own greatness, embrace life and savor every aspect of living.  Find your bliss and follow it. Learn to be comfortable in your own skin and love yourself.  That is when you will accept and love everyone else as they are.

Tell me what’s going on in your life. I want to hear from you.

Wishing you love balance and peace!

Amore & Baci,

Just Steph

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