Just Steph® with Joe Benvissuto and Maria Paola

This episode of The Just Steph® Show tonight was filled with laughter, motivation and information to live your best life.

Meet Joe Benvissuto of Clear Choice Drain Solutions.  Formerly ART Services, Clear Drain Solutions has been serving The South Shore since 2012. The company was founded by CEO Javier Oseguera whose number one priority was to provide honest and timely service to each commercial and residential customer. 

The mission of Clear Choice Drain Solutions is to be the premier leader in trenchless pipelining and innovative plumbing technologies that provide alternative solutions where their customers live and work.


Clear Drain Solutions is located at 22 Messina Dr. Braintree, MA 02184

Find out more about their dedication to their clients, their services, and more at www.ccdrains.com.

Maria Paola was back in The Just Steph® Studio. Maria and I discussed how women can support each other. Maria shared her news about the launch of her latest catalog, The Women of Boston Directory, spotlighting women’s businesses. Maria is committed to helping Second Lifer Women grow their businesses, feel empowered and good about themselves. 

“I feel very strongly about establishing networks for women – that is why I started The Women of Boston…. specifically for women over 45. Because I feel that all women should support each other, I decided to start a directory / magazine that will feature strong, powerful, amazing women while helping businesses grow.”

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