Are You Hopeful, Really?

People toss the word “hope” around like a frisbee. “I hope this virus will go away.” I hope he will call me.” All said with a faint heart and a lack of reliance on infinite intelligence, God, the universe. 

For Christians, Hope is one of the three theological virtues. Hope is categorized with Faith and Love, neither of which are  weak or needy. If that is the case, we need to adopt a deeper understanding of hope. 

Hope is knowing everything is under control. Hope is depending on God or the universe to have our backs. Hope is the ability to breathe and rest because all is well. I hope you get this, and begin to transform your thinking from a wishy-washy possibility that good things are yours for the taking to a knowing they are.

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Wishing you love, balance & peace,
Just Steph

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