Last Night A DJ Saved My Life


For most of us, music evokes emotions and memories.  We all want to go back in time to the good old days.  There are songs that remind me of my childhood and the people who are engrained in my heart. The Spinners remade Sam Cooke’s Cupid. I cannot hear that song without seeing my bestie, Dana, dancing in her mom’s car in Downtown Boston. She says that song reminds her of me.

We all have these feelings that arise when we hear the first notes of a song and we gravitate to the dance floor.  One of my fav things to do is to go dancing.  Whether it’s a disco retro party, Steve singing at Hal’s or a nightclub, I love to cut the rug with my friends.  Many of my guy friends are great dancers, as well. Love a strong lead.

Here’s the key to a great night: the music.  A DJ holds the ambience in his or her hands.  The music can make or break any event from a wedding to Saturday night at the local club.  I have become friends with some great Dj’s here in Hotlanta.  I frequent the venues catering to the “Second Life” crowd.  The Second Life crowd, FYI, are those of us who now can leave the house again.  Kids are grown, we have a little more money, newly single, whatev.  You get the pic.

IMG_0363Because we are not twenty something, the DJ’s need to adapt.  None of us cares about them showing off their mixing talents.  We don’t want house music.  We want the songs that are the flux capacitor for the DeLorean.  We want to go back in time, if just for a couple of hours.  Even if it is current music, we want to sing along.  Stop cutting the songs short!

Here’s my biggest complaint:  DJ’s are not honoring requests from the crowd.  They won’t even listen to requests. My point is, if the crowd is requesting music that fits the branding of the venue AND the ambience of the establishment, then play the songs! I can see if everyone is dancing to Eighties music and someone requests and Elvis song, then please, disregard.  However, when I ask for a fun song within the format, I expect the DJ to be gracious and play my song without cutting it up. This is merely customer service, pleasing the clients and their friends who probably love the same songs.

IMG_0362Two of the best DJ’s in Atlanta are DJ Vanessa Hundley and DJ Yvonne Monet.  These girls know music, their audiences and are mindful of the venue’s ambience.  I have seen them speak with guests and play all their fav music.  When they are the DJ’s at clubs or events, the dance floor is always packed.  Their crowd pleasing demeanor keep the crowds coming back.  The DJ can be the reason a venue is the place to be or becomes yesterday’s hotspot.

I want my DJ this weekend to save my life and bring me back to the good old days.  See you around town! Come say hi! You know I love you.  Tell me what’s going on in your life. I want to hear from you.



Wishing you love, balance and peace!

Amore & Baci,

Just Steph