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Skin Care and The Whisky Mistress

Here’s Two Weeks of The Just Steph Show. Skin care via South Africa On August 20th, the fabulous, Elaine Sterling joined me to discuss her path to living her dream. Elaine talks love, life and skin care. Elaine, born in South Africa and has lived all over the world. She tells us about her journey…

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Treat Her Like A Lady

As a newly single, “slightly” over forty girl, I have entered what I believe is the Bizarro World of dating.  There is an under current, or should I say, strong undertow that drags those of us in this situation into the depths of (insert Jaws theme) The Dating Zone.  Because I was in my previous…

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I Found My Mojo!

After the summer of indulgence, eating, drinking and low-keyed workouts, I found myself needing the jaws of life to get into my fav jeans.  Well, you know what this does to a girl.  I had lost my mojo.  I lost my adrenaline in the gym, the ability to limit my caloric intake and the spark…

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She (Just Steph) Works Hard for the Money!

Just about every weekend for the last three years, I have frequented my fav ATL restaurants, piano bars and nightclubs.  More often than not, my husband and I eat at the bar accompanied by ATL’s finest mixologists and regular barflies.   I stand piano side singing along to the tunes that everyone knows, like Brandy,…

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