Skin Care and The Whisky Mistress

Here’s Two Weeks of The Just Steph Show.

Skin care via South Africa

FullSizeRender-1On August 20th, the fabulous, Elaine Sterling joined me to discuss her path to living her dream. Elaine talks love, life and skin care.

Elaine, born in South Africa and has lived all over the world. She tells us about her journey through two marriages, cancer treatment and developing a line of skin care products.  Elaine knew after her treatments that she was not happy in her career.  On a wing and a prayer, she quit her job, started a beauty school and progressed to the success she is today.

Elaine appreciates everybody’s struggles.  She does what she can to assist the people in her world to achieve their personal and professional goals.  As far as Just Steph is concerned, Elaine Sterling is a role model for not only women but those looking to make positive changes in their lives.  Hear what Just Steph and Elaine discuss:

The Whisky Mistress with Billy Allen

Image 5This is for what Atlanta and, more specifically, Buckhead has been waiting.  When will The Whisky Mistress open its doors.  Hear Billy Allen’s journey toward The Whisky Mistress.  Billy tells his back story beginning at the 1970’s Underground Atlanta nightclub, Scarlet O’Hara’s.

Billy discusses with Just Steph and Susie Clark working out and authenticity in relationships.  He gives the male perspective on love and health. Billy then describes what The Whisky Mistress will offer the nightclub crowd from food to entertainment.

Billy’s emotion and passion for the long anticipated WM jumps out at you. His love for The Whisky Mistress is evident and will surely be felt when you visit in a few weeks.  Get your sport coat and cocktail dresses and get ready for The Whisky Mistress.

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