What’s Healing Got To Do With Staying In Your Lane?

I’m hosting this fabulous retreat in Italy this March and I really want you to come. Why should you join me? It’s the healing that I have to offer, from the universe. Its the feeling of getting away from your current situation and being able to look at your life and make the changes in your thoughts and how you feel.

Its about experiencing healing and love and feeling great with yourself and being able to come back as a healed person, or at least in the process of healing. I want you to create a life you enjoy. Healing spreads when you’re happy. When you’re healed or healing, you spread that because it’s positive and the people around you start to get healed. I’m planning on touching thousands and thousands of people who need healing in their life, And it’s a domino effect.

I’m offering you a place to come and to see who you really are, and to get away from all the hustle and bustle. This is the place where we go back in time and we bring old school values forward and we start to understand who we are. So what does this have to do with dealing with people who do not stay in their own lane? Well, you can recognize when they start going into other people’s lanes.

You can recognize that they need healing and start to feel empathy for them. After all can we truly understand why others act the way they do if we do not truly understand ourselves first?

I hope to see you all in Italy this March!

Know I love you all!
Wishing you love, balance & peace,
Just Steph