Love Has Got A Line on You: The Four Loves

Its February! What does that mean? It’s the month of Love. Do you know the fundamental reason why we exist? The answer is LOVE! Hard to believe, right? Love comes in lots of different forms and plays a critical role in healing and in your relationships. You see, the source of all healing is love. C.S. Lewis talks a lot about the four types of love as they show up in our day to day lives.

Storge – Supportive Love

Storge is Greek and it means supportive love. These are the people that are around you that have your back. These are the people that you are attracting in your life that you’re hanging out with. I know growing up Sicilian, having my neighborhood friends and surrounding myself with supportive love was an essential part of growing up.

Philios – Brotherly love

Philios translates to brotherly love. This type of love comes from your family. You go through thick and thin with them, good and bad. These are the people in your life who will never leave, and are your biggest fans. Those are your family members.

Eros – Physical Love

This translates to physical love. This is that loving feeling that we have for another person, commonly in a relationship.

Agape – Unconditional love

Agape is the highest form of love and this is unconditional love. It’s divine love. This is the love that seeks nothing. It’s the love that is given without needing anything in return. This is the love you have for somebody that you do something nice for them with no expectations of something in return.

I believe that understanding these can further our relationships in life! Which type of love do you need to do some healing around?

This healing work is the exact type of work we will be diving into during my Sicily retreat in March. During this retreat, we will submerse ourselves into Sicilian culture and learn a different way of life. We will learn more about ourselves by slowing down and really being in the present moment. If you are ready to make a change in your life hit reply and let’s talk.

Know I love you all!

Wishing you love, balance & peace,

Just Steph