The Only Way is Up!

The Only Way is Up!

Here is the paperback available through Amazon.  I will be selling signed copies via my website soon!

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  1. George Warsaw says:

    Got Lemonade?

    I just finished reading Steph’s The Only Way Is Up! and want to write a review ASAP.

    From a childhood with physical and emotional difficulties to adulthood, characterized by caring for others and self-awareness, Steph chronicles her experiences with a directness you’d expect from a Bostonian.

    However, you get more than that: By the time you finish reading her delightful book, you could be speaking with an Italian accent.

    Steph is frank about her evolution from her family of origin, into her sensitive teens and marriage and birth of four sons. She details leaving Boston’s Medford (correctly pronounced, “Meffa”) with its challenges as she relocates to remote Woodstock, Georgia. In Steph’s world, adversities have been transformed into lessons, and the pages have plenty of them.

    Steph has passion for her Italian heritage, family and friends, religious values, cooking, and the hearth. But her story isn’t all about olive oil. It’s about lemons: If you’ve got ’em, she’ll help you make lemonade.

    Ciao ciao Bambina!

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