Who's Sorry Now?

If you believe in a higher power, at some point you will fall short.  You will do something that offends God and has probably hurt yourself and someone you love.  So what to do?  Well this morning I landed in the eternal city.  That’s right, Rome Italy.  What better place to face my God, but the burial place of hundreds of popes and many saints, St. Peter’s Basilica.  Non-Catholics, bear with me.  Like I said, at some point you need to say sorry to God for what you have done.  I have chosen the “Mecca” for Catholics…The Vatican.  There are confessionals along the sides of St. Peter’s where you can confess your sins in any language.  I approach the English confessional and enter.  I confess my sins as bluntly as I do anything.  That’s my personality.  I know God already knows.  What’s there to hide?  I might as well let it all out.  So I did.  The priest was lovely and sweet, very caring.  I said my Act of Contrition and he offered me a prayer card with a relic of Blessed Pope John Paul II. So why did I not feel better?  Why was this not lifted from me?  I said my penance prayers.  Why do I still walk around heavy?

I believe it is because we are all cracked eggs.  We come into relationships already cracked.  When we hurt each other our cracks get larger.  We can be sorry all we want.  We can even try to make “real” amends.  But the truth is, what’s done is done.  This is why God doesn’t really need to punish us.  We suffer the consequences of our own sins.  It’s called “Free Will.”  We did it, God sadly watched and now we suffer. We suffer and the people around us suffer.

So how do we rectify this situation?  How do we rise up?  I tell you now, God has already forgiven and has moved on.  He wants you and me to move on. God has forgotten.  But we as cracked eggs have a very hard time moving on, and maybe rightfully so. The standard is to look at God, your higher power and emulate Him.  Working toward moving on, forgiving, forgiving yourself, accepting your part in the wrong-doing and trying to do better next time. 

We need to look at those mistakes, the cracks, and learn from them, embrace them and turn it around to do good for your loved ones and neighbors. No matter how you feel, know your higher power loves and forgives you.  My God loves me, can I love myself?

Keep up with me as I travel through Italy and Sicily.  I will keep you posted on what I am doing and hopefully inspire you to make positive changes in your life. Tell me what’s going on in your life.  I want to hear from you.

Wishing you love, balance and peace,

Just Steph



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